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This is my first post on the Ferrari Forum.

First off, I would like to say that I have always loved the 308 series.

I own three Porsche 928s and am considering adding a 308 to the stable.

I have found a car that peaked my interest - it is a 1980 308GTSi.

So far the only info that I have is: the model - 308GTSi, year - 1980, milage - 50,000, color - metallic grey/silver.

Only yesterday have I begun to do in depth research on this model.

Does any one have any advice or pitfalls that I should be aware of?

If I go to see the car, what in particular should I look for to make sure it is all original?

Thank you very much for any information that can be provided.


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Update on '80 GTSi

Thank you all for your help regarding this GTSi.

I spent the part of the day going over this car and here is what I found:

1. Originally it was Metallic Silver/Grey – the clear coat began to peel and it was repainted the same color.

2. It needs a new steering rack and alignment – there seems to be rear wheel negative camber and may require complete rear suspension bushing replacements.

3. The A/C belt was removed three years ago – do not know how much work it will need to run again.

4. The windshield has an 8-inch crack in the tinted section and will need to be replaced.

5. The car idles very high – about 2500 RPM.

6. The seats are very worn, faded, and dry – not soft and will need to be replaced/recovered or redyed.

7. Parking brake is not working.

8. The speedometer is not working – could it be a loose connection?

9. The air pump was disconnected years ago and is now frozen in place.

10. The lower section of the door panels were filled with bondo at some point – I was told that this is because the panels were all hand fitted into place and that they all have some bondo?

On both passenger and drivers sides there has been some bondo filled in where there was rust at the lowest point of the front quarter panels – an area the size of a mayonnaise jar lid.

Both lower edges of the doors show rust and rot from the inside edges along the length of the door.

It was repaired poorly with bondo and the rubber door gaskets are missing.

Underneath the car at floor pan level, there is a ¼ inch thick aluminum plate about the size of a shoebox lid – is this standard or an add on?

And finally… the traditional Ferrari oil leak.

The good points are that is has 47,000 miles and I really like the color combo – Silver on Red and Black.

The transmission shifts beautifully with no flaws.

It appears that the car has never been in an accident.

Asking price $25K.

I was thinking of $18K.

What are your thoughts?

Best Regards,


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It's mine!!!

Hi all!!

I believe the mileage to be accurate.

The 308 is now mine.

I have to ask, how does this compare to a 928 for daily driving?

It came with about 20K worth of records.

Included with the sale were some extra belts, air pump, tool kit, owners manual, spare tire, left over paint, and a set of work shop manuals that were printed off of a CD.

I believe that the most important maintainence is in this order:

1. Steering rack.
2. Repalce cam belts, recharge a/c, etc.
3. Adjust the parking brake.

After getting it home the oil leak is not nearly as bad as I thought it was and the same goes for the seats.

I have shopped around for a rack for it and found one at Carsteeringwholesale for $250. What do you think?

Any tips, suggestions on these three jobs would be greatly appreciated.


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