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Like most things in life...value is based on condition and if you think you found a bargain, think again. With Ferraris you not buying a car but an expensive hobby. The good thing about the 308-328 is they are the cheapest to own but even so you will easily put another $6-10k into a car which looked perfect. Other model Ferraris can run considerably higher. Hopefully you won't be surprised but you need to be prepared.

That said, take time to find as near perfect a car as you can, get an PPI, and offer a respectable price and find a good mechanic.

Personally, the car as you described is a '20 footer' and I wouldn't go more than $12k, if your time is worth anything. Be careful of that little voice in the back of you head which continually says 'Oh, I can fix that'.

Something not often considered is the DFTR or ratio of driving time to fixing time. If you can live with spending more time fixing it than driving it...acknowledge that up front or rethink your position.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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