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1979 512 bb #28439

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This is my first post and I'm looking to join the club and for some friendly advice.
I have found a 1979 512BB #28439, it's been standing still for 12 years and has no service history.
What I really want to know is should I steer well clear of this car or book a flight to check it out?
He wants £115k for it.
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Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for the reply

No real exposure as I've never owned one. Been looking for an early 308GTB for a while when this came along by chance.
Flights been booked for Saturday to Italy to have a look at it and I've roped a guy who knows what he's talking about to come along.
Ive had a look at what theyre asking for for these cars here in the UK but Ive got no idea what they actually sell for.
Theres another one with an asking price of £160k, that on paper looks pretty sorted.


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Jimmy, I get where you are coming from. Looking for carburation so BBi is not an option.
Ive had a look at the 365 and here prices seem to start at £200k+ which realistically, for me isn't an option.
Had a look at the 512BB at the weekend and loved it. 2 owners, 42,000km, completely original including paint and it just looks a very honest car.
If we can strike a deal I will hopefully collect the car next week.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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