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1979 512 bb #28439

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This is my first post and I'm looking to join the club and for some friendly advice.
I have found a 1979 512BB #28439, it's been standing still for 12 years and has no service history.
What I really want to know is should I steer well clear of this car or book a flight to check it out?
He wants £115k for it.
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I have never driven a 365 or a BBi, but my 512BB was (still is) my first Ferrari and I love it. No regrets, despite some recent big bills (easily offset by appreciating value).
A beautiful, rare,12 cylinder Ferrari with the classic dog-leg box, elegant toggle switches, a comfortable ride and epic torque. How can you go wrong!?!
It is also comparatively rugged.
I would echo the suggestion that a significant recommissioning service is required after a 12 year lay-up and warn that you will need a good, clever, inventive, problem solving specialist.

Good luck.
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