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1979 512 bb #28439

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This is my first post and I'm looking to join the club and for some friendly advice.
I have found a 1979 512BB #28439, it's been standing still for 12 years and has no service history.
What I really want to know is should I steer well clear of this car or book a flight to check it out?
He wants £115k for it.
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Ross- Good luck and we look forward to photos. The 512 has some useful and attractive upgrades over the BB, like the 9" rear wheels and front bumper/spoiler, not to mention more torque.
David- I was going to say the BB 512 had more hp until I looked it up. Ferrari actually claimed 340 for the 512 and 344 for the 4.4 liter, probably because of the higher rpms for max power of the BB, 7200 rpm, compared to the 512's 6200 rpm. Much freer revving engine.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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