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1975 dino 308 gt4 oil pressure question

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I've been worried about my oil pressure on my recently aquired 1975 GT4. at about 3000rpm it reads approx 3 on the dial. the information I've found to date says the engine should be at 7200 to take the reading. With the car being new I'm reluctant to push the engine to this level.

Does anyone have any reading at lower revs to put me a ease or indicate if i have a problem.
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Do you mean 3 kg/cm? At 3000RPM, when fully warm it should be at 6. When IDLING at fully warm it could drop as low as 3.

If you're getting those readings at 7200RPM, do not drive the car! Replace the sending unit (at the base of the oil filter, a large brass object) and drive again. If it still reads the same, replace the gauge. If it still reads the same after all of that, you have some serious problems with the oil-pump...
Thanks for that. Yes I did mean 3 kg/cm when at idle when warm it drops to 0. I've not run it at 7200 - too scared. It has blown the sump gasket while I've been testing so I'll start there forst and then follow your advise.

thanks again for you fast response.
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