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1/18 348 Spider

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I have a collection of 1/18 scale cars including a 348 TB & 355 Spider.

I've recently been lucky enough to buy a real 348 Spider in Rosso Corsa with Crema Hide and my wife was going to buy me a 1/18 model of it. However, she reckons having talked to a local model shop that no-one ever made such a model as a 1/18 scale 348 Spider.

I'm sure I remember seeing a website where someone was removing the roof from a 348 TB to convert it into a Spider but I don't remember where now.

Could anyone point me to such a site or tell me if anyone (e.g. Burago) ever made this model?

Kind regards,

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I do not believe anybody made one in 1/18 yet. The one you have seen must have been a conversion based on a Bburago. Bang did make a 348 Spider in the 1/43 scale which is a nice and relative cheap alternative. There are many people doing conversions on Bburago 1/18 cars but most of the time they limit it to another color or a race version. I believe someone in Germany mad the 456 Convertible, but I do not know who.

I found this site that describes doing a converion:

I'm not going to attempt that myself. If there isn't anyone that makes that size model then I'll live without it. The important thing is I have the real thing in the garage :)

At some point I'm going to make a display cabinet for all my 1/18 cars, when I do I'll take some piccies and post them here.


maybe it's al little late, bus Mira makes the 348 spider in 1/18 scale. I have one in my collection. It's a very nice model...
Well, only thing you have to do now is fin the same one Justyn, maybe Ebay has something.
I never even knew some of these cars existed like a 360 Targa, 512M Targa, 512TR Targa, F40 Targa, 288GTO Spider...
They don't. That is the beauty of modelling. You can build whatever you want. Always wanted a 456 wagen just like the sultan of brunei? Build it. I love modelling
i got the sultans 456 venice wagon, and i didn't needed to build it myself

BBR has it in their range of products
let me rephrase that: I love modelling because now I can build avery car I want, at an affordable price

This site also has one for sale:

Now I think of it, maybe even I have one. Will have a look when I get back, since my models are just sitting and I don't do anything with them.
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