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1/12 Ferrari F40 Kyosho

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Arrived today! :D

Together with AutoArt displaybox!

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I have bought mine here in Holland for 70 euro's. I choosed for this one, because it's small. It's mostly for dust that i have it. And i think i will buy some more one of these days for my other 1/12 models.

Do you have a photo of that GMP case? I'm curious how big that one is :D
you are right :D

but if you look at the corvette in the other picture.. for that car it is to small. I like that GMP box also, with that nice wooden plate!

Ps.: If you have a GMP-box.. and don't need the AAbox anymore... you know were to find me :wink: :green:
:green: It was worth to try :p

I know that there are two versions, but i don't like the carbon surface :-? I like the shiny one more, because it reflects the underside of the car al bit.

How many 1/12 models do you have? And wich models do you still want to buy?
That's a nice list! :D Not all Ferrari, but very very nice!

I'm very interested in the F40 Lightweight! I think it's gonna be a very nice model to add to my collection. There isn't any release date is it, or pictures of it? It's Kyosho, so it will have the same quality as the F40.

If Kyosho is releasing the Enzo as well, then i'm not going to buy it. I already have the Tamiya..

here is my 1/12 list:

Ferrari Enzo Tamiya
Ferrari F50 Tamiya
Ferrari F40 Kyosho
Ferrari 250GTO Revell
Ferrari 250P Retrotoys
Ferrari 312T4 Tamiya
Ferrari 126C2 Revell

And i would love to see a 288GTO in 1/12 scale to make the supercars of Ferrari complete.
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1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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