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1/12 Ferrari F40 Kyosho

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Arrived today! :D

Together with AutoArt displaybox!

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Congrats Yelmer

the car is great huh
where did you buy the AA displaybox and for how much?

i actually want a GMP casing for my GT40, because the AA isnt wide enough, i can't place the doors open in that one

that's the GMP case, i only have 1 AA case, but i keep my GMP GT40 Mk II in there, and i can't open up the doors since its too small, and a you can see on that pic it should be wide enough with teh GMP case
dream on :p
i will be needing that AA box myself, there are still other 1/12's that i want, and i will need more then 1 new box

BTW do you already know that the AA box is available in 2 versions
the one you have with the shiny black surface
and then the one i have with a carbon fibr surface look
At the moment i got

Tamiya F50
Tamiya Enzo
Kyosho F40
AutoArt Merc CLK GTR

i would love to get the blue CLK GTR aswell
but 1st i'm hunting down at least 2 more GMP's
a GT40 Mk I & a Mk IV

then an AA Murcielago 40th Anny would be sweet aswell, that one is coming later this year, but AA has just raised there prices since this month

and then the new releases for Koysho in 1/12, those are very dangerous:
- F40 Lightweight (different wheel/seat, sliding window)
"under development":
- Countach
- LP500
- Miura
- Jota SVR
- Enzo

for the Enzo they are WAY to late, but i would be interested in that F40 lightweigt, the Miura & the Jota SVR
i've also almost bought the Kyosho Vanquish & Z8 before
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well, it should be a release list for 2005
so somewhere this year, i haven't seen pics of it yet.

as for the Enzo, i'm not getting it either since i also have teh Tamiya already, i can only hope that they also decide to do a 288 GTO
small update, i've seen the new Kyosho F40 lightweight, looks cool, but not sure of i want to get it, i'm going to wait a bit till it is officially released
and then wich one i'm more interested in, AutoArt is releasing a D-Type wich looks stunning :D
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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