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  1. Ferrari Knowledge Base
    Hi, I have a 1995 512TR with 16k miles on the clock in excellent condition.. full history file etc.. When you start the car from cold everything works as it should, all gear changes are fine, no issues. But as soon as the car has warmed up (approx 10-15 mins of driving) it becomes very hard to...
  2. Ferrari Pre-Purchase Help
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a black Testarossa in Europe and one of the options is this tuned one: It's a tuned, one-off version by Zest Performance, producing 500hp. Can't find anything about them on google. Do you...
  3. Ferrari Discussion
    I found a poster of Phil Hill in the 1959 #9 250 Testarossa. It is a limited edition 40/250 signed by both the driver and photographer. I am a NASCAR fan but am fully aware of the fame of Phil Hill and am interested in finding a value on it and ultimately finding a rightful place for it on a...
  4. TRs: Testarossa - F512M
    Hello all! First I must introduce myself, my name is Jay and I'm from Oklahoma. I currently look after a garage of vehicles, and one is a 1987 Ferrari Testarossa. The person that was previously in my position recently left the company, and I am trying to chase down a few issues, to ensure the...
1-4 of 4 Results