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  1. Buying Testarossa - is a tuned 500hp a good option?

    Ferrari Pre-Purchase Help
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a black Testarossa in Europe and one of the options is this tuned one: It's a tuned, one-off version by Zest Performance, producing 500hp. Can't find anything about them on google. Do you...
  2. Phil Hill poster

    Ferrari Discussion
    I found a poster of Phil Hill in the 1959 #9 250 Testarossa. It is a limited edition 40/250 signed by both the driver and photographer. I am a NASCAR fan but am fully aware of the fame of Phil Hill and am interested in finding a value on it and ultimately finding a rightful place for it on a...
  3. New to Forum, need Testarossa Advise PLEASE!

    TRs: Testarossa - F512M
    Hello all! First I must introduce myself, my name is Jay and I'm from Oklahoma. I currently look after a garage of vehicles, and one is a 1987 Ferrari Testarossa. The person that was previously in my position recently left the company, and I am trying to chase down a few issues, to ensure the...