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  1. Pristine 1991 Ferrari Mondial For Sale - Only 4,447 Miles!!

    2+2: 365, 400, 412, Mondial
    Hey guys, I have a 1991 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet with only 4,447 miles for sale! This Ferrari is pristine both inside and out as if it has been in a "time capsule" for the past 20 years. This car was originally purchased in California until it made it's way to Texas in 2007 where it was just...
  2. 1987 Mondial accessories

    2+2: 365, 400, 412, Mondial
    I have both the toolkit and front "bra"/cover for a 1987 mondial available. If anyone is interested, please contact me.
  3. Mondial Review

    2+2: 365, 400, 412, Mondial
    Came across this review of an oldie but goodie. Haven't seen too many of these in the northeast but remember the Mondial t fondly from the Pacino film Scent of a Woman.
  4. mondial engine drop

    Ferrari Discussion
    hi ive already started a thread for this topic but have been advised to redo it with another heading, my father in law is dropping my engine in my 1986 mondial cabriolet 3.2, has anyone got any tips ,photos, links etc to help with this!!! gary