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  1. 328 GTB or 512 TR

    Pre '99 V8s: GT4, 308, 328, 348, F355
    I am thinking on buying my first Ferrari. I like especially the 328 and a 512 TR, and I have already seen both in official dealers in France (MY 1987 & 1994). As I am quite new on this, I would like to know some opinions on both cars, and especially on the maintenance costs. I have read about...
  2. Considering buying a Ferrari

    Ferrari Discussion
    Howdy! So, I am a senior in college; who’s done really well; and whose Dad has agreed to purchase for him practically any car he wants. Initially I wanted a used Ferrari 360, but was told by the sales man at the Ferrari of Houston dealership that the maintenance costs for that car were...
  3. Scuderia Of Palm Beach - Scheduled Service & Maintenance

    US Florida
    Scuderia Of Palm Beach 7656 Byron Dr., Suite B5 West Palm Beach, FL 33404 (561)881-2299