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  1. Pre '99 V8s: GT4, 308, 328, 348, F355
    I am thinking on buying my first Ferrari. I like especially the 328 and a 512 TR, and I have already seen both in official dealers in France (MY 1987 & 1994). As I am quite new on this, I would like to know some opinions on both cars, and especially on the maintenance costs. I have read about...
  2. Ferrari Discussion
    Howdy! So, I am a senior in college; who’s done really well; and whose Dad has agreed to purchase for him practically any car he wants. Initially I wanted a used Ferrari 360, but was told by the sales man at the Ferrari of Houston dealership that the maintenance costs for that car were...
  3. US Florida
    Scuderia Of Palm Beach 7656 Byron Dr., Suite B5 West Palm Beach, FL 33404 (561)881-2299
1-3 of 3 Results