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  1. F430 on a chassis dyno at KMM Madison, WI (great sound)

    Ferrari Discussion
    Ferrari 430 Challenge on a chassis dyno at KMM Madison, WI (great sound) Fuel efficiency/integrated power comparison testing between gears. (all the people are mechanical engineering students from the UW. 5th gear (first part is just the trans warm-up run, then the 5th gear pull) 6th gear...
  2. Buying F430 Spider

    Modern V8s: 360, F430
    I recently saw a 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider F1 on for 60,000$ It seems to be in very good shape, and the owner has all of the books and records for the shape of the car. Should I be hesitant into seriously looking into this steal of an F430?
  3. Riding a 2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia - Tunnel included - VIDEO

    Ferrari Discussion
    Hello everyone, my first post here!! So, I got to ride in one of the most spectacular vehicles of our days - the Ferrari Scuderia. First impressions are: - Unbeliavable gearbox, faster than anything ever - Considerably more noise than standard F430 - MUCH more comfortable than the 360...