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  1. guy jumps ferrari 430 at 25 mph

    Ferrari Discussion
    YouTube - ‪BEST crazy skateboard jump over a Ferrari!‬‏
  2. Change f430 interior color to black?

    Modern V8s: 360, F430
    Thinking about changing the interior color on a 2006 430 from tan to black. Exterior is silver. 1) where can I get black daytona electric seats 2) can an interior shop do the door panels, windshield pillars and other pieces as well as stock from factory 3) could this affect the car's value...
  3. Considering buying a Ferrari

    Ferrari Discussion
    Howdy! So, I am a senior in college; who’s done really well; and whose Dad has agreed to purchase for him practically any car he wants. Initially I wanted a used Ferrari 360, but was told by the sales man at the Ferrari of Houston dealership that the maintenance costs for that car were...
  4. Garage Addition: NEON Prancing Horse!

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    I am in the Houston Chapter of FCA and one of our members had these custom built. I got the last one to place in front of my 430. Its awesome at night!
  5. 430 Skid Plate?

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    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum. I just got my first Ferrari after years of savings. I had it delivered to my house yesterday. First, I can say that I am hooked! I was passionate about the history and now I am passionate about the experience. It will be hard to ever give up something like...
  6. Ferrari 430 Scuderia

    Ferrari Discussion
    Ferrari 430 Scuderia video road test from MSN Cars, filmed driving around the Welsh mountains in typical miserable British weather. What a great sounding car!!!
  7. Riding a 2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia - Tunnel included - VIDEO

    Ferrari Discussion
    Hello everyone, my first post here!! So, I got to ride in one of the most spectacular vehicles of our days - the Ferrari Scuderia. First impressions are: - Unbeliavable gearbox, faster than anything ever - Considerably more noise than standard F430 - MUCH more comfortable than the 360...