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  1. Newcomer...looking at a Ferrari 355 and need help!

    Pre '99 V8s: GT4, 308, 328, 348, F355
    Gentlemen, I have had a life-long love affair with Ferraries and now am prepared to make my move, purchasing one. Precisely, I am considering a 1999 Ferrari F355 Spider . I have admired this car's looks since new; however, beyond its beauty, I know little about the car. Would you all mind...
  2. F355 Questions

    Ferrari Discussion
    Hi all, I am considering purchasing an F355 GTS F1 and I would love to have some views on a few questions I have; 1. Will it need to be insured by a specialist? I've read that there are specialist insurers that impose an annual mileage limit. 2. Road side assistance - does this have to be...
  3. gothspeed's new 355 monster flow exhaust is completed!!! by-pass valve is history!!!

    Pre '99 V8s: GT4, 308, 328, 348, F355
    Here it is!!! I have been working on this for a looong time and now it is finally done ................. and it sounds freakin awesome!!!!!! ...... I used factory 360/CS exhaust manifolds for the great 4-2-1 merge, larger collector and heat shields (I fabbed the air rails for the manifolds) :o...