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  1. 308 MFG / Import Records

    Pre '99 V8s: GT4, 308, 328, 348, F355
    I'm sure I've seen a list and link in the forum for VIN to original color logs from MFG or Import Records (Sheehan?) but can't seem to find it via search now. I could a use an assist.:wall:
  2. 308 Engine Rebuild_EFI, Pistons, Cams, etc.

    Projects: Rebuilds, Modifications
    I haven't posted all that much in the past few years on here, or FChat for that matter, but with Mark coming over it looks like there's a good group of 308 guys around. A quick recap... I've had my 308qv for almost ten years now, of which roughly half of them it's been apart. I pulled apart...
  3. 308 V12 conversion (V12 308)

    Projects: Rebuilds, Modifications
    Here's a couple pics as a teaser. These are the headers Mark made for the car and the cam blanks he turned and gun drilled at home to be sent to the cam grinder.