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How to eliminate moisture from the headlights

This page is a chapter in the book F430.
Here's a trick for those having moisture issues in the headlights (which happens quite often on the 360/430 but applies to any car) :

  • Start collecting small desiccant bags you can find in boxes containing electronics devices or asian dried food.
  • Put a fishing line (or dental wire) through each corner of a desiccant bag using a sewing needle. Make sure the wire goes two times through the bag.
  • Put some tape to cover the small holes you made in the bag and make sure the bag can't slide on the wire.
  • Continue in the same way by adding more bags on the wire.
  • Leave at least a good 20cm of wire without bags.
  • Remove the main headlight lamp and slide the wire with the bags through the hole as deep as possible inside the headlight.
  • Leave the extra wire length hang out through the lamp holder.
  • Put back the lamp and lamp holder and double check nothing is forcing on the wire.
  • Leave it over the weekend (at least) and the moisture should be gone.
  • Leave yourself a note on the dashboard !!!
A very cheap way to get rid of headlight oxidation

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Added Note: If you have issues with headlight or fog lamp moisture, in the winter time, if you do start your car for warm ups, DO NOT TURN THE LIGHTS ON. The cold and heat from the lights will create this condensation in your lights after you shut the car off. So to help reduce this problem, do not turn the headlights on.

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