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F430 50.000km/31.000 miles service

This page is a chapter in the book F430.
The “major” 50.000km/31.000 miles service of the F430 is actually much more a normal yearly service with some additional tasks to do :

1 Replace the transaxle heat shields

2 Replace the spark plugs

3 Replace the active carbon filter

4 Replace the accessory belt

5 Change gearbox oil/clean mesh filter

Short Video:

6 Change engine oil/filter/screen filter

Short Video:

7 Change steering hydraulic oil

8 Clutch bleeding (in addition to the brake fluid) - Not for F1

9 Change E-Diff/F1 hydraulic oil
10 Check all hoses and pipes
11 Replace the air filters
12 Replace the anti-pollen filter

13 Check the cat to exhaust header connection

14 Engine coolant flush

Tasks 1 to 8 and 13 are detailed in the following thread : 31.000 miles service tips

I used the following fluids for this service (as well as for the yearly service) :

Part - Fluid - Capacity
Engine oil - Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 (1l) - 10l
Gear/Transaxle oil - Shell Spirax S5 ATE 75W90 (20l barrel) - 3.5l
Brakes/Clutch - Motul RBF 600 (500ml) - 1.3l
Steering - Shell Donax TX (1l) - 1.8l
E-Diff/F1 - Shell Donax TX (1l) - 1l
Coolant - Shell Glycoshell Concentrate (5l) - 17.5l
Coolant - Distilled water (5l)

Tools needed for engine oil change
12mm hex wrench (engine drain plug)
14mm hex wrench (gearbox drain plug)

Here is a list of all the spare parts you'll need to achieve this service as well as the schemas of where these spare parts are located (except air and pollen filters as they are really easy to locate):

Name:  F430 Major Service Kit.jpg
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Size:  59.7 KB

PDF version of the parts list: F430 Major Service Kit.pdf

Some of the above parts as you can see them in this picture:
Name:  Service Parts.jpg
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Size:  69.5 KB

Location of service parts on the schemas

Schema 19 - Water and Oil Pump:
Name:  F430-08-019 Water Oil Pump.jpg
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Size:  41.8 KB

Schema 29 - Gearbox :
Name:  F430-08-029 Gearbox.jpg
Views: 9341
Size:  62.1 KB

Schema 51 - Starting Motor:
Name:  F430-08-051 Current Generation Starting Motor.jpg
Views: 5679
Size:  43.1 KB

Schema 12 - AntiEvaporator Device:
Name:  F430-08-012 AntiEvaporator Device.jpg
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Size:  35.0 KB

Schema 34 - Differential Axe Shaft:
Name:  F430-08-034 Differential Axe Shaft.jpg
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Size:  28.9 KB

O2 or Lambda Bosch Sensor references :

Upstream front sensor is a LSU 4.2 (5 wires), Bosch ref : 0 258 007 001 or LS 7001, OEM Part# 182837

Downstream rear sensor is LSF 4.2 (4 wires), ref: 0 258 006 196 or LS 6196, OEM Part# 180915

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