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550 Dash Switch Wiring Diagram

This page is a chapter in the book 550 - 575 Book.
The US versions of the 456/550/575 have a row of 6 functional, and 1 spare toggle switches in the dash. If you should ever need to troubleshoot this wiring, or wish to use the spare position to add a switch, the following diagrams may be useful.

The connector in the photo below is typical for the harness connector on any of these switches, and the orientation is, obviously, looking into the connector. If you were looking into the back of the switch, it would be a mirror image of this.

I searched high & low for the manufacturer's (AMP's) schematic of the connector in the photo, in order to have the correct order for the pinout, however no luck, so I arbitrarily assigned the pin numbers shown.

This was done for a '99 550, so the color codings of the wires may be different for the 456 & 575, but the principle of the schematic should be the same.

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