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Thinking about '88 3.2 mods...

Howdy all,
I've been thinking about making some modifications to my 1988 Mondial 3.2.
The car has high mileage (but it does run great), so I've been toying with the notion of modifying the head to start.

I came across a guy this past weekend who is a specialist in porting heads and works for a company (that has an excellent track record and reputation) that modifies engines and he assured me that I could go from 275hp to between 400 to 450hp and still be a very drivable car. They would start by porting the heads to maximize air flow, perhaps cams, valve springs...
This guy tells me that the car would go from 7500 red line to over 10K and still be very reliable. He has built his own car that does high 8's in the quarter mile and I've seen his work personally...(he's my close friends neighbor).

I am think quite seriously about this because I really love the Mondial, it is a great summer car and I drive it all the time. I would certainly make this a keeper.
I would also upgrade the braking system...

Any comments?
Am I nuts, should I bother?
Am I going to ruin the value of the car? (does it matter?)

Thanks all!
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First, Welcome!

Then, did he also quote you $30,000 to do the work?.... because that is what getting to 400+hp at 10,000+ rpm will cost. ferrari parts are all very well matched from the factory so if you mess with 1 thing you need to mess with everything.

The biggest issue with your 3.2 is the CIS system so that is the first thing that needs to go and be replaced with EFI. That will gain to 20-30hp and take you to about the flow limit of the stock intake manifold. 348 intakes flow more but don't fit under the hood of a 308/328 (....I'm not sure about a mondial) so a custom ITBs set-up is the standard answer.

Then you need a new exhaust system.... because the stock stuff will also hit it's flow limit.

Now you are ready for head work. Of course the stock heads were already hand ported at the factory so pretty good as is. Stock 329 heads flow about 92cfm at 10"h2o. You can fit 348 intake valves or if you are interested I have a set of larger than 348 intakes for those heads sitting on my shelf and you can get to about 113-115cfm at 10".

Put the 115 heads , ITBs, custom exhaust with a set of custom higher compression pistons and a set of custom ground cams and you should get to 400+ hp....but it won't come cheap.
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Welcome to Ferrari Life. Mark is correct, you would end up with a new engine and it would be difficult to get anywhere near 10K rpm without new cams and major changes to the rest of the valve train and ignition system. Sounds like a BSer to me. The newer Ferrari engines are redlined at 8500-9000 rpm, if that gives you a hint.

If you want someone reliable to soup up your engine, try Carobu Engineering, who has a long history of upgrading Ferrari engines. Or Paul Newman, whose work is featured here in Ferrari Life.

Carobu Engineering High Performance Ferrari Auto Parts,Race Car Engine Rebuilding & Retro-tuning

Ferrari Life - View Profile: Newman

Terry Phillips

Present: 575M 135171
Past: Dino 246 GT 02984, 365 GTB/4 14009, 308 GTS 25125

Every day I look around, and if nobody is shooting at me, it is a pretty good day.

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Welcome to you.

Both Mark and Terry have said all there is to say about modding your engine.

I would really be very cautious about letting people loose on that engine.
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Thanks for the wise words and info guys!
I'll start looking into it now so I can come to an informed decision for September sometime...

Mark, thanks for the offer of parts, I'll keep that in mind.
I think I'll talk to a couple of the contacts Terry was kind enough to supply and decide from there.
BTW, I do have my regular mechanic and am always particular as to who touches the car.

Your time is, and comments are much appreciated!
Best Regards,

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