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Angelis - Ferrari running report

I think we all wonder what it's like owning a Ferrari. What follows is my experiences over the last three years with a 348. It will give you an idea of the pain and the pleasure that Ferrari ownership brings.

A lot has happened since I purchased it in the summer of 2005. You'll read about the the breakdowns, the pain of doing an engine out cambelt service, the Clubs I've set up plus many more things.

I've tried to be as honest as possible and also tried my best to put it in a chronological order.

I'll keep adding to it whenever I can

Hope you enjoy it.
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Model: 348 GTB
Year: 1994
Country: UK
Steering: RHD
Chassis number: 98095
Engine number: 35436
Ferrari colour: Metallic Black
Interior colour: Grey

Date purchased: June 2005
Purchased from: Nick Cartwright
Mileage on purchase date: 25,000

The first Ferrari I ever had a ride in was a blue 348. Guess that's why I've always liked it.

But let's start from the beginning......

I didn't start out getting a Ferrari at all. I was originally going to get a Porsche Boxster. Joined the Boxster forum, did my research and had my eyes on a new Boxster S in Cobalt blue.

Then I looked at the cost. With the extras it came to over 43,000 and it got me thinking.... "I wonder how much a Ferrari would cost???" Leafing through various magazines I realised that a decent Ferrari would cost considerably less. So the search began.

Like many other prospective owners, I'd read a lot of bad things about the 348. Crappy build quality, bad handling, worse Ferrari ever made and so forth. So initially I was looking for either a 328 or if I could raise the funds a 355. I didn't even consider the 348.

It was only by doing research that I began to realise how good the 348 actually was. Plus the fact that I didn't feel comfortable in a 328 as the pedals were so off set. Love the shape though. One of the most beautiful Ferrari's ever made.

So my search for a 348 began....and it had to be red. All Ferrari's should be red shouldn't they!!!

After visiting various dealers I still hadn't found one that I really liked. Plus the fact I still hadn't manage to test drive one. One salesman telling me that the only way I could get a test drive was by buying one.

However, for a few months I'd kept my eye on a black 348 for sale at Nick Cartwrights. It was a GTB version which had an additional 20bhp at 320bhp compared to the standard models 300bhp. Plus it was one of only 14 GTB's imported into the UK and the only black one. Another one being blue and the remaining 12 all red. It was up for 37,000 when I first saw it and when I looked a while later it had gone down to 35,000. Obviously no one wanted it as it wasn't red!!!

I arranged to view the car on a Saturday while I was up there for an event (I live in London about 150 miles away) and when I first saw the 348 was love at first sight!!!

Then I took it for a short test drive. It was the first Ferrari I ever drove and to say I was excited would be an understatement and boy...was I nervous.

It's a wide car, but doesn't feel it. Wasn't as agricultural as I thought it would be and the gearbox was significantly better than an Esprit Turbo I test drove a few years earlier. What did surprise me however was the heavy steering at low speeds. Doesn't feel so bad now. Probably because I've grown a few more muscles from driving it.

A deal was struck a few days later and I was soon to become an owner of L8GTB.

I also got a set of 355 wheels and tyres. Whilst the 348 wheels look nice, they are heavy and only 17". I originally considered getting a set of Imola Challenge wheels but in the end decided on the 355 rims which I think look great and were significantly cheaper. In the end I paid 35,000 for the 348 and an additional 1,500 for the 355 wheels and tyres.

I did consider getting a Pre Purchase Inspection done. Called around a couple of other specialists but they couldn't do it as early as I wanted. They also told me Cartwright sells good cars and it would be pointless having a PPI done. So I didn't.

So here is my first and most important tip for anyone buying a Ferrari. No matter what you are told, what reputation someone has...always always always have a PPI done with a compression test. You'll find out why later on in this running report. Don't say you weren't warned!!!

Below is a scan of the original for sale advertisement.

NEXT: picking up the 348 and bringing it home.
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Having agreed the purchase of the 348, the next step was to arrange the insurance.

I decided to insure with AON Insurance and have remained with them ever since. in fact they now insure my Jaguar as well. Very impressed with them. As the 348 was over 10 years old, it was eligible for classic car insurance. This meant that there was no need for any No Claims Bonus (The yearly discount insurers give for no claims). I decided to limit my mileage to just 3,000 miles a year. A while later I had to extend it to 5,000 miles as I couldn't stop driving it.

The insurance cost me 550 per year. Not bad at all. In fact people are quite surprised by how little I pay for a Ferrari.

So the insurance was in place and with a bankers draft in my hand I travelled up to pick up the 348. My sister gave me a lift in her VW golf as I also wanted to pick up the old 348 wheels/tyres at the same time.

Picking up your first Ferrari is an unforgettable moment. You can't sleep for days and all you can think of is what you'll be driving.

The hand over went well and we loaded the old 348 wheels into VW. In my excitement, I neglected to check them as we loaded them. I later found out that they had given me two near bald tyres at the front and new Nankang tyres at the rear. For those that don't know about Nankangs, they are made in China and the cheapest tyres you can buy. Personally, I wouldn't put them on my 10 year old Honda let alone a Ferrari.

So keys handed over... I started off on my first drive in MY Ferrari.

Being new to rear engined cars I took it real easy on my drive home. I don't think I even went over 80mph.......not that I drive fast on the road Officer!!!

I was so nervous about things that when i stopped for a break at a motorway service station I stayed with the 348 in the car park. Scared it might get scratched or stolen. I think every owner does that first time around. These days I leave it parked on the road and don't worry about it..... well maybe a little.

So now I was a Ferrari owner.....

What next.......???
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I still had to pinch myself and check my garage to make sure it wasn't a dream. Yes...I really was a Ferrari owner. It had always been an ambition to own one, but never thought it would come true.

For me, a large enjoyment aspect of ownership is meeting up with other owners. With the Internet and Ferrari forums, it's much easier to organise a meet and a cruise.

The first Ferrari owner I met on the forums was Ville (Willw) who had a 348 at the time. We also went to our first Ferrari meet together in convoy. Two 348's in convoy... it's not everyday you see that. In fact, you rarely see any two Ferrari's in convoy unless you are very lucky.

My 348 came with a 3 month warranty and the car had developed a couple of minor problems early on, one of them being a non-working headlight flasher. I was asked to take the car to QV London, a Ferrari specialist based in Ascot, Berkshire, who fixed the problems under warranty.

Owned and run by Phil & Mike, QV London have been involved in Ferrari's for many years and had raced and still look after various Ferrari race cars. I was so impressed that they still look after my 348.

I've heard of a few owners who have gotten abuse from the public when driving or parked up in their Ferrari's. I've only experienced it once so far which happened quite early on in my ownership and 5 minutes from home. Two guys saw me driving past and one of them made a rude gesture with his hand.

I recall another time when I was washing the 348 and a neighbours friend walked past, looked at the car and in a serious voice said "an enzo's better!!!".

The most embarrassing moment though occurred a little later whilst driving into the city. Whilst stationary in traffic, a car travelling in the opposite direction pulled up and the owner shouted at me to rev the engine. I duly obliged, but to be honest... it didn't sound that great. The other driver seemed to like it though and gave the thumbs up before driving away.

I needed to sort out a proper exhaust system asap!!!

At the time, the only real option for a 348 was a Tubi exhaust system. Capristo did one, but it stuck out of the bottom of the bumper and looked terrible. So a Tubi it had to be.

I purchased it from Manu at Scuderia Sytems who are Tubi Distributors and took it to Verdi Ferrari to have it installed.

During the installation, it was found that one of the two catalytic converters had blown out. I'd been driving around with only one working Cat. I called up Nick Cartwright as it was still within the 3 month warranty period and he told me the Cats weren't covered by the MOT.

Only option was to either find another Catalytic Converter somewhere or de-catt the car.. Quick call to Manu and he dropped off a pair of Tubi pipes for fitting as well as a new oxygen sensor, the old one not working properly.

By the way, for those who are in the UK, a 348 with only one catalytic converter will still pass the MOT emissions.

All fitted... it was time to go home.... and wow!!! What a difference it made. It felt like there were an extra two cylinders in the engine. It just goes to show how restrictive and rubbish the standard cats are in comparison.

As for the noise....!!! I couldn't stop myself from revving at every opportunity! Awesome.

Only downside about the Tubi (apart from the cost!!!) is the low end booming. It can get a little weary at times from inside. The other problem is that it sounds better on the outside than it does on the inside.

I've since replaced the Tubi pipes for a pair of Hyperflow cats, which I'll discuss later in this running report.

Here's what it sounded like. This video was filmed at North weald Airfield a year or two later. That's not me driving by the way... I'm not that good.

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2nd October 2005

I'd attended two Ferrari meets outside of London and really wanted to do a meet in Central London. Another ferrari owner Dem and I had discussed the possibility of meeting up in Central London on a sunday morning. We though we could muster up at least four or five cars and thought it would be quite cool to cruise around for a bit and tehn go for lunch somewhere

So we posted the details up and waited to see who'd be coming along. As far as I knew nothing like this had been done before. So perhaps it was the novelty of it all... but we ended up with 29 Ferrari's on the day.

The plan was to meet up at Hyde Park, drive around a bit and then meet up at the Sanderson Hotel for some lunch. Suffice to say, some people got lost on the way, but overall the day was a great success and we hoped to do another one.

That is until I posted the video of the day. It seemed there were a few owners who thought we had made a mockery of Ferrari ownership, that it wasn't part of the Ferrari ethos. I guess it was because of al that revving we did.

It's a shame really, because if those critics had come along I'm sure they would have had a nice time and made new friends. Each to their own I suppose.

Here's a couple of videos from the meet. We called it the Poseur Run as a bit of a joke.

A few pictures from the day.

Thanks to Hedge, Trax & Dem for the pictures.
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31 October 2005

October 2005 turned out to be quite an interesting month overall.

Soon after the Poseur Run, a large number of the UK members on Ferrarichat got involved in an argument with Fchat's owner Rob Lay. I won't go into the causes and comments made, but it resulted in a large number of us boycotting the forum.

We ended up fragmented across various forums. I soon gave up on visiting countless forums just to keep in touch with friends so I decided to set up a forum for the UK Ferrari owners. A day or two later and the forum was up and word quickly spread through the community. I spent a few months running it as the Club President before stepping down. The original name was Fcars, but I didn't really like it so in the end I decided to call it Club Scuderia.

9 March 2006

Took the car to QV London for it's 6,000 mile service.

I decided to have part of the suspension refurbished and the brake calipers painted yellow.

Ferrari suspension systems are one of teh most negelcted parts of the car. It's very rare to find an owner who has spent money to refurbish it.

I had the dampers removed and despatched to a subsidiary of Bilstein who originally made the dampers. They refurbished the dampers for 60 plus vat each. According to them, ferrari dampers should be refurbished every 3 years. Not sure I agree with the 3 year interval, but they definetly need doing sooner or later.

I opted for the standard damper settings and also had the rubber bushes on the dampers changed. Bilstein suggested I use harder damper bushes than the ones Ferrari supplied, but it was too late by then. I'll ensure they are changed to stiffer ones next time..

QV also found cracks in the fuel lines. This is common on some Ferarri's as the heads are made of aluminium and liable to crack if over tightened.

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25 March 2006

In March 2006 I took part in the Cotswold meet which was organised by Jules. My friend Andy came along in the 348 passenger seat. It was a gathering of Ferrari's a couple of hours outside of London. Some of us convoyed there together, while others met us at the meet point.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of these types of meets as you spend half the time trying to catch up with other cars. I prefer a more causal type of drive on public roads.

It was an interesting meet though and we got to have a look around the premises of one of the UK's well known Ferrari specialists Bob Houghton's.

Unfortunately I encountered a bit of bad luck.

First, Andy managed to close the 348's bonnet while my rucksack (which contained a tripod) was upright. Causing a dimple in the bonnet.

Second, the 348 started to overheat and I was forced to call a recovery truck and had to be transported home. Oh the shame.... the shame of it all.

I called up a friend to ask what it could be and he said the water pump may have gone. I didn't realise it at the time, but that's an extremely serious thing to happen and could potentially damage the engine as the water pump also connects to the cam belt.

Once home, I started to do a bit of research and I can't remember why....but I figured it could be the thermostat. Picked up a new one from Maranello for 58 and with the help of my friend George replaced it. Just a quick note... if i ever mention that George and I did some work on the car, be aware that George tends to do 90% of it and i spend the 10% of the time asking dumb questions.

With the thermostat replaced, the 348 was behaving normally again. Until a week or so later when it started to overheat again. this time I had no option but to have it transported to QV London for them to find the fault.

The problem turned out to be a piece of metal in the cooling system which kept jamming the thermostat closed. No idea where the metal came from. It wasn't from the water pump. I'm assuming it was just a piece of aluminium casting that's been there for a few years.

Perhaps all the revving during the Poseur Run set it loose.

Problem solved, although on hot days, the car did tend to run a little hotter than I liked. More of this later.

A pic of the lump of metal found in the cooling system. Followed by pictures from the meet.
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28th March 2006

Picked up the 348 from QV and dropped by Maranello to have a look at a 360.
A lot of my friends had recently purchased 360's and raved about them. Personally, I wasn't a great fan of the shape but it was slowly growing on me so I thought I'd check one out.

Had a chat with Marcus who is one of the salesmen there and off we went for a test drive.

Now, I've posted this up before a couple of times and got a bit of criticism...... so here goes. I found driving the 360 a very underwhelming experience. I have no doubt that if it was the first Ferrari I had ever driven, I would have loved it and purchased it on the spot, but it wasn't and I didn't.

Where the 348 feels like a go kart racer, the 360 feels like a luxury barge in comparison. It reminded me of driving my jaguar XJ8. Very comfortable and easy to drive and it didn't feel that much faster than my 348. That was the end of that.

However, I did place a letter of intent for the 430 replacement due in 2010 and will decide nearer the time whether to take it up or not.

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24th May 2006

Needed to replace the rear tyres.

Managed to get a set of Pirelli's from Wembley tyres in North London.

Cost 325 for the pair excluding fitting.
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23 August 2006

Today was a free track day at Snetterton Racetrack courtesy of Shell.

It was the launch of their new V-Power high octane petrol and they invited Club Scuderia to give rides to their employees who were attending.

Television presenter & race driver Tiff Needell was there and he interviewed Felipe Massa. One of the Club Scuderia members even managed to get Felipe to autograph the rear bulk parcel tray of his 430. If I recall correctly, Felipe won at the following grand prix. Definitely increased the value of the 430.

Some of the drivers who were there on the day, later got a goodie bag from Shell. If anyone from Shell is reading this, I didn't receive mine.

Don't have any photo's from the day, but have a couple of videos.

This one is a video I created as a promotional video for Club scuderia. Don't worry... my videos get a little better later.

The only music in the video below is the sound of the exhausts.

While I was on track, my engine light came on. This is very common on the 348/355. It's either a faulty 02 sensor or a faulty Cat ECU.

The fault caused half the engine to shut down and then start up again. I switched the cars electric power off and reset the systems but the problem persisted. That left me with a problem. Either call the recovery and have the car transported home...again. Or try and drive home the 79 miles.

I opted for the latter and managed to get home.

I later found out that I could have just unplugged the Cat ECU. A 6 second job and I would have got rid of the problem. So i disconnected it and it remained disconnected until a few weeks ago when the car was in for a service.

If you have decatted your car or have Hyper flows sports cats, you really don't need the cat ECU's.

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July 2006

It was around this time that I set up the second Ferrari owners forum.

A couple of friends approached me an asked if I would set up a private forum for them. They went on driving trips across Europe in their ferrari's and when they posted it up on club scuderia, tended to get some abuse from certain quarters.

Took me a couple of hours to set up, but as with Club Scuderia, coming up with a name was the hardest thing. After a few weeks, I decided to call it I got the idea of 187 after seeing a sat nav which showed an average speed of 187mph. By the way, if you read the membership page on their forum, it's a joke. I wrote that thinking it would be quite funny. Hasn't harmed the 187 reputation though. Lots of people think it's a super exclusive club for the wealthy.

I stayed on the forum for a while, but decided to leave the Club for various reasons. I was obviously not that popular as only 1 person asked me to come back.

Here's a video I did at a 187 meet held at the Ace Cafe in North London. It's a procession of the members cars. I'm still friendly with all of them. Very nice bunch of guys, but they do tend to keep going on about Stradales all the time.

I love the logo. Mark Radders came up with that one. Very cool.

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24th November 2006

I always wondered how much power my 348 really had, so I decided to book it in for a rolling road session. When I arrived there I found an original Ford GT40 on the rollers. It was Ford's own vehicle and they were checking a few things over. First and only original GT40 I've ever seen. Might be worth a quarter of a million pounds or more, but it looked a bit tatty.

Put the 348 on the rolling road and fortunatly, remembered to bring my video camera.

My 348 is a GTB. The GTB, GTS and Spiders were the last models made and they had an extra 20 bhp, giving them 320 bhp. You can recognise the 320bhp engines by their raised plenums.

I was hoping to have at least 330bhp. After all, I had taken off the cats (worth at least 5 bhp) and I had a Tubi sports exhaust installed as well. I'd be very happy with 330 bhp.

So imagine my shock when the session revealed 304.8 bhp. I had lost 15 bhp from stock. So with cats, I would be running 300 bhp. Same as the earlier 348's. Did Ferrari lie about the 320bhp output of the later models, or was my engine not running as well as it should?

Below is a scan of the rolling road session.
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It was around this time that i decided to change the brake pads on the car. A friend of mine suggested Ferodo DS2500 pads so thought I'd give them a try.

To be honest, I've never really been impressed with the 348 brakes and hoped the Ferodo pads would improve things a little.

George has a lift in his garage at home, so I took the 348 there.

Just to digress for a moment.... did I mention that the 348 had been given a name? I decided to call it Rocky. You know....Italian Stallion....

Anyway... back to the brakes. So the 348... Rocky... was at George's. Now George as I may nave mentioned before is an expert mechanic. Me, the most I've done is put petrol in a car.

He decided to let me do most of the work. The hardest part was actually removing the pads from the calipers, which he showed me how to do. I inserted the new pads and that was it. Job done.

I was curious. I asked him what would happen if someone put the brake pad in the wrong way. He thought for a second... gave me a look, before proceeding to check all the calipers and brake pads.... guessed it... he found that I had put one of them in the wrong way.

As for the Ferodo DS2500 pads... I can't really say I noticed anything different. Although they did tend to squeal more than the old ones.

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16th October 2006

Track day in France

Went to Abbeville in France for a track day. With me were BJ in his Lotus Exige S and Adnaan in my passenger seat.

After 20 or so miles, we went over a viaduct just before the first Toll station. At this point we were side by side and as we approched the toll passed a parked police car who started off as we went past.

We were probably doing no more than 120 - 130 kph as we deliberatly kept under the speed limit to avoid the Police.

The Police car went through the side access lane at the toll and parked 20 metres ahead. As we went through the tolls he motioned for us to pull over by the side.

When we pulled over and got out, he told us were were speeding and asked how fast we were going. To be honest, we had no idea, but we certainly were not going over 130kph which was what we thought was the speed limit. He then asked for ALL of our documents and told us to park the cars in the parking area and then walk to the Police Station on the other side of the motoray.

There were two officers at the police sation and only the cop who stopped us could speak English. The non-english speaker pointed to both of us asking "Ferrari? Ferrari? Too fast. Too fast!!!"

The English speaking cop again asked us how fast we were going. BJ kept quiet (he's a lawyer after all!!!), but the cop kept talking to me. I told him I did'nt know.

What I should have said was that I wasn't going fast you ****, it just looked that way as you were stationary and I had a loud ******* tubi exhaust!!! Obviously I did'nt or else I'd still be in France eating prison food.

He then asked if we knew what the speed limit was over the Viaduct. We both said 110kph. It was actually 90kph.

Then came the lecture of how they can confiscate the cars and take away the driving licence. Driving licence wasn't the problem, but I did'nt want them taking my car. At this point I was thinking worse case, so I just put up my hand and said, yes I was speeding 10 to 20 kph over the viaduct. What's the fine???

He said it will be 90 francs. So I thought **** it, we'll pay him and go.

Then he asks "Are you Cannonballers??"

What the hell !!!!!

Anyway, they let us off and gave a warning not to speed or else we'd be in big trouble. They had no proof and basically just targeted us.

Looks like they ain't to keen on Ferrari's and to be honest, it's putting me off driving through France in a Ferrari. Did not enjoy driving in their country at all. All the French cars were driving 150kph or over as well!!

As for the track day, it was a great experience. First couple of laps were a bit slow and shaky, but after a couple of laps of tuition, was improving lap by lap. I was even able to keep up with the supercharged Exige for a couple of laps, until my brakes got a bit soft and the tyres started to lose traction. Still got slaughtered by a lot of the Elsies though.

Only negative side were a couple of stone chips at the front. Also had a big stone chip on my windscreen on the motorway. It looked like a stone from the track and it came from the Elsie in front as we were drivingtowards Calais. It was so big we saw it hit the windscreen, and then hit the bonnet of the Elise behind.

Otherwise, the 348 ran faultlessly for 380 miles.

Car felt very heavy though as the track is more suited to lightweight cars like Elises' and Caterhams. Tracks like Snetterton are more easier to drive for 348's and I suppose other Ferrari's. Abberville is very technical and extremely twisty. By the time you've exited one corner, you're onto the next one. Believe me, without power steering in a heavy car it got very tiring. My wrists and shoulders still ache.

However, without PAS, it felt like a go kart. I took it to what I think was the maximum level of adhesion and only managed to lose it a little on one occasion which I've caught on video (did'nt spin it though ). The 348 was very well balanced and is the most fun I've had with it to date.

Oh...and Dem and I did convoy around the track together revving our it was officially the first Poseur run in France.

Respect to Dem for taking the spider off road as well.

Here's a video of me following Dem in his 355 on the track.

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Summer 2006

Here's something I totally forgot about.

During the summer, there was going to be a large Auto Show at the Excel Centre in London's Docklands. As part of the promotion, the organisers arranged for a procession through Central London and called it the London Parade.

Being the Poseur that I am, it was hard to resist and so I volunteered myself and Rocky.

There was an eclectic collection of vehicles. From the most early of cars to the latest. The parade was organised in sections, each one representing a different decade.

We parked up in Park Lane and waited for a couple of hours. The route took us from Park Lane, down Piccadilly Circus, Haymarket, Trafalgar square before finishing at Whitehall (near where our Prime Minister resides).

Here's a video from the day. I've removed the sound as my friend Sobia was holding the camera and she wouldn't stop talking. She enjoyed the parade, I on the other hand found the while thing rather embarrassing.

And to make matters worse, it was a hot day and the 348 started to overheat so I was forced to switch on the heating.

And a few pictures from the day.

The organisers handed out these naff looking plastic flags and asked all the owners to attach them onto the car. Yeah right!!!

The grey 308 belongs to Jos. Last time I saw it, it had 104,000 miles and it was still going strong.
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27th November 2006

There I was driving along in Central London when I came across a parade of TVR's.

It was the TVR Thunder parade. Around 480 TVR's drive into London to hand over a petition to the Prime Minister.

"The parade, which was reported by the BBC, also included a delegation that delivered to Number 10 Downing Street a petition signed by some 2,500 TVR owners, enthusiasts and supporters. The petition called for the Government to investigate all available options to keep the manufacture of TVR cars in Blackpool, to provide help and guidance to TVR management during the consultation period, and to assist laid-off TVR staff as they seek new employment."

I had my video camera with me so as I drove along in the 348, I video taped part of the procession.

I posted the video up and the TVR owners invited me to another large TVR meet. I did a better video for that one, but I still haven't gotten round to finishing it.

Here's the rough cut of it. Still a lot to do though.
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December 2006

Coolant hose splits.

I had orgnaised a small sports car meet local to me and we decided to go for a little drive South of the river. Unfortunatly, on the way there the car developed a problem.

One of the coolant hoses split. The coolant hoses are all rubber and with thee 348 being over 12 years old it was only a metter of time before it happened.

Here's a video of what happened. You can hear me say something when I noticed the problem.

I called the Recovery service and we took the engine lid off and moved the steel clip as a temprary fix and cautiously made my way home.

Ferrari charge 57 for that hose. I got one for much less. Unfortunatly it was blue!!!

1 x SFS Silicone Hose Elbow 45deg 41mm blue Hose: 12.79
2 x s/steel hose clips = 2.80

Took me 10 minutes to change. Seems to be quite a few people who've had that particular pipe split, so maybe worth doing for peace of mind. In fact, when you get an opportunity, change all teh hoses to silicon ones. I managed to get a well known hose company SFS, to make a set for the 348. Costs around 97 for a set of 6 hoses.

Below are pictures of the new hose.
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I think that's nearly it for 2006.

Only other thing of note was that I got Dave Bowerman of to come round and give Rocky a full valet. It took him 10 hours to do and he used Zymol Vintage on the paintwork. A tub of that costs 1,800 here in the UK.

I've always used Autoglym in the past, but now nothing touches the 348 apart from Zymol. The finish is unbeliveable and it brings out a very deep shine.

Next 2007... where George and I decide to take the engine out ourselves.

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January 2007

What better way to start off the year than with a 348 meet.

I was hoping to get a few 348's together, but others wanted to come along as well. I think we had 28 cars in total turn up outside the Maranello showroom.

Although I had told them in advance that there would be be around 24 owners & cars turning up, someone forgot to tell the staff that were working there on that particular sunday. So we were asked to move.

We re-grouped at the Runneymede Hotel which was just around the corner before the 348 owners went onto a car museum and a group photoshoot. I think we had twelve 348's that day.

I made this video on the day.

It was filmed by Stig Winslett and myself.

I'm organising another 348 meet early 2009.

Here's some pictures from the day taken by my wife Nadia.
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More pictures from the 348 meet.
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