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308 prices and trends

I am looking for a 308 QV and I am a bit confused by what I am finding regarding price. I have seen a very nice low milage 308 QV sell on ebay for $31k. On the other hand, I have seen the same quality car (as much as you can tell online) offered for as much as $45k. It seems that the average offering price is $39,500 both from dealers and private sellers.

I have been looking at these cars online for a couple of years. It seems that in that time the value/price of the 308 has been increasing. A few years ago they could be had for about $26k. Nowdays, even the carb cars and 2 valve injected cars are offered for more than $35k.

Are you rest of you seeing an increase in the asking prices for the 308's? Any insight into the wide range of prices for what appear to be very similar cars?

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I've noticed the prices climbing up lately, of course, they really couldn't get MUCH lower with the price of new cheap cars constantly climbing. I have seen some really ratty 308s though, and as we all know it's a matter of pay more for a better car, or pay more to fix up a cheap car, either way it's PAY!! I have no complaints though about the cost of mine, I got a really great car for a reasonable price, and have done some maintanence and upgrades myself, with advice from members of this Forum, so that's all been a pleasure! Just got in from an afternoon burn and loved it, as usual!! I'd say these cars are meant to be driven, so drive yours!!! They are so much fun, and if the prices do keep increasing, it's a free ride when you do decide to sell!!! This is coming from an old guy, the young ones might not think the 308s are fun, but really, how fast do you want to go on public roads?
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Here in the UK, 308 prices are on their way up too.
They are probably more expensive over here. For a comparison multiply the £price by 2 to get the $price.
Dealer prices for 308 Carb and QV's avg 40K miles and in good condition range from £25K - £28K. There is a 4600 mile fiberglass 308 GTB for sale at £40K, but it has been for sale for at least 2 years.
80-82 injection models are approx 10-15% cheaper.
Ebay and private prices are lower, ranging from late teens for a very tatty high mile car, but averaging early 20's for a good car.
I can't see prices going as high a 246's yet due to a large supply of 3X8 cars. However, they are going up, and after taking into account maintenance and servicing costs, you'll probably find you won't be out of pocket if you drive it for 3 years.
Have you considered a 328? Still that classic wedge shape, but a more refined version of the 308

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I just checked the FML Asking price index and they have:

308 GTS at $31k

308 QV GTS 39k

the former is up 4% in the last year and the latter is down the same. GTBs are now running a bit more expensive than the GTS.
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I have noticed prices going north as well. I was thinking it might be a combination of Summer pricing and the 'Anniversary' effect.

You can't pick up a magazine at the moment without something on the 60th Anniversary and invariably an article/snippet on how great an investment the F-car is. I think vendors are asking more in the hope that they will get it.
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Judge, Have you found a 308 yet ?
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Don't forget the GT4's! They are on the way up too!!!

There is nothing like a Ferrari, there never has been and never will be!
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Originally Posted by dinogt4guy View Post
Don't forget the GT4's! They are on the way up too!!!
Yup, in Europe they have jumped about 50% in the last 2 years. The other thing I have seen is that nice 308 GT4s are now coming up for sale vs 2 years ago when they were all in need of help.
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