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How to reset the F355 alarm after a flat battery

I've recently bought a 1996 F355GTS. Everything is just fine and dandy, but last week I forgot to turn off the main switch and yesterday I found out that the battery was almost (but not entirely!) flat. The indicator lights in the dashboard were not completely dead, but they weren't as bright as they are normally.
Following the instructions in the user manual, I've removed the protective panel on the rightside in the motor compartment to reach the PLUS and MINUS contacts and I've hooked on a battery charger.
After 24 hours the battery seems to be completely recharged now, but the alarm keeps going on and on everytime I try to start the engine. And I can't actually start the engine (because the alarm systems thinks there's still something wrong). The remote control won't shut the alarm off, although the small red LED on the remote control indicates that the remote control itself is working alright.
Does anybody know how I can just reset the alarm and get my engine started again?
Thanks!!! Jaap, Amsterdam.
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Did you cut the power before recharging the battery ?

If not suggest you do this. Let it sit for an 30-60 minutes then reconnect the power (see page L6 in the Owners Manual). This should reset the alarm and allow you to get the car started. You will then need to reset the Motronic engine managaement system which is done by allowing the car to idle on flat ground for 10 minutes (page L7).

Good luck.
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Cut off power to reset the F355 alarm after a flat battery

Thanks. I've just been to the Ferrari dealer to get a new battery. Earlier today I've phoned them three times and they were really helpful, but without success.
The thing I did achieve was that after putting the (heavy duty) charger in position "3" (it has 4 increasing charging positions, all of which are for 12 Volt batteries) the alarm system finally reacted to the remote control, so luckily I was able to shut down the noisy alarm.
After that, I tried to start the engine. The starter motor did function very well (you could hear it cranking really fast enough), but the engine itself did not start.
As if there was no spark or no gas.
I've checked all the fuses, both in the bagage compartment in the front of the car, and the "hidden" fuses behind the feet rest of the passenger. One was blown (for the air blower near the exhaust system), but this couldn't be the reason why the engine wouldn't start. Of course I've replaced it anyway.
The Ferrari dealer suggested that the old battery might just be at the end of its lifetime. He told me that once those new environment-friendly batteries have been really flat, it's very hard to get them well recharged again. Furthermore there might have beem some damage in the battery itself (because of it being at the end of its lifetime) and this might account for this kind of strange unexplainable situations.
Anyway, I've just fitted the new battery (removed the right front wheel, opened the battery compartment etc etc).
No change what so ever.
One other thing: the radio doesn't work anymore, which worries me, because all other things work fine. Maybe the radio has a fuse of its own which is blown, but how would this have happened? By charging in position "3"? In that case I might as well have blown some (fuse of the) electronics of the motormanagement system.
Anyway I think I will just have the car picked up next week by the dealer to fix the problem, but any suggestions remain very very welcome.
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strange coz when dealerships supply a brand new battery, they come fully charged.
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