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Smell fuel? Try checking here

So I noticed what I considered a pretty strong smell of fuel everytime I drove the car.

Considering the reputation for some of these cars to catch fire, I was very concerned.

Seeking assistance from the community, I got advice ranging from "don't worry, they all stink of fuel" to "you better not drive it until you figure it out and get yourself some halon extinguishers to keep handy".

I followed the latter.

The smell was concentrated on the drivers side (LHD) and appeared after I had been driving for a few minutes. I always drive with the windows open and I noticed it first while stopped at red lights.

Sticking my nose in the engine bay, the smell was strongest right in the area of the shock actuator.

The smell was also prevalent if I sniffed in the rear fender well, between the tire and the fender towards the front of the car.

This suggested it was the fuel filter connections which is located right in that area and a common cause of fuel leaks. I checked at thoroughly but did not find any leaks there.

Also, the smell was more like fuel vapor than actual liquid gasoline if that makes sense. Taking into account that, the fact that the lines for the evap system run through the body to the charcoal cannister in back right along the same area, and I had found evidence of rodent chewed wires in that same area, I thought I found it.

I proceeded to remove the charcoal cannister and its accompanying lines. Had the lines pressure tested, but still no joy. Everything was intact.

Frustrated by my DIY failure, I was resigned to submit myself to the merciless parts changers at the local dealer.

But first, I had some other work to finish which required removing the wheels and the wheel well liners...
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This is the view when you remove the wheels and the wheel well liners.

The top left of the picture shows the underside of the fuel filler nozzle.

I started sniffing around there and put my nose right on the hose clamps.


Turns out it was the hose clamp on the ribbed line front and center in the above photo. I loosened all the clamps in the area, reseated each hose and carefully tightened them down.

Job done. Smell gone.

Another telltale sign to note is that when I was having the problem, I wouldn't hear or feel the 'whoosh' when removing the fuel cap.

I do now.

Cost to repair: $0
Figuring it out myself and not having to go to dealer: priceless (or $3,000 which is what the dealer probably would have charged)
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Thanks for posting this here, Neil. I'm sure this will help folks.
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Job well done, and thanx for posting pics for the rest of us here.

w/ smiles
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Hey, I don't know alot about these cars and I'm learning as I'm going. I'm just happy I have a contribution to make that I can give back.
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I have the same problem, I gotta try that.
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