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If 355 and 348 So Similar Why 355 Maint so Bashed?


I have always loved the 355 and am beginning to like the 348 especially sitting on 360 wheels ;-)

Anyhow, I'm shopping a toy to replace my XKR and was really getting into McLaren 12c. But the way I got there was through either a 6spd Gallardo, 430, 360 or even 355. I began seeking a manual mid engined toy as I missed my NSX (owned 3), Elise etc. So as I get close to pulling trigger on $190k 12C I keep thinking if I need to spend that much to have fun. And even wonder if I'll miss a bit what without manual. What is so awesome about the idea of 348 is that with my $40-$50k down payment I can have a nice 348 outright! Granted it won't be nearly as fast or capable but will it be as nice to look at, drive, own - perhaps.

Now on to my main question(s)...

1) How much more expensive is a 355 to own than a 348? The media seems to contradict itself when they bash the 355 being the most expensive modern Ferrari to own - yet its very similar to 348. Maybe thats it. The 348 isn't considered a "modern" Ferrari and the 355 is being compared to 360 which is even better than 348? Can someone net this out for me?

2) How many of you own 348 or 355 AND a modern supercar like 12C, Gallardo, 458, R8 and the like? Or have previously owned and can offer some ownership perspective.

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Welcome to Ferrari Life- Do some more reading on the 348 and F355. ferraridatabase.com has owners manuals, sales brochures, and workshop manuals for the two models. The 348 has four valves per cylinder and mechanically adjustable (shims) valve lifters. The F355 is fundamentally different with valve layout patterned after F1 and the F50 and 5 valves per cylinder with hydraulic valve lifters. The 348 is a five speed and the F355 is a six speed. The 348 has Motronic 2.5 or 2.7 injection-ignition systems, while the F355 has 2.7 or 5.2. Lots of differences between the two and once you understand those, the reasons for the extra expense will become clearer.

Most of the problems with the 348 and F355 are well understood and fixes are available. A well-sorted 348 will make for a very enjoyable owner experience, as will an F355. One with deferred maintenance will eat your lunch, just like any ill-maintained Ferrari.

Terry Phillips

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I would defer to Terry and others with far more knowledge of 348 & 355, but my thoughts are that if you were to buy a 355, any extra running costs over a 12C (if indeed there are any - I have no idea what 12Cs cost to run, but I would guess they are not cheap) would be more than offset by the cost of borrowing the extra $100K+ to buy the 12C, and depreciation - 355 is not likely to depreciate, but 12C is probably still a long way off the bottom of the curve. Similar comments apply to 348 vs. 12C.

And whatever its virtues, a McLaren is not a Ferrari

Best wishes, John
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Don't be afraid of the 355. Just buy the best one you can afford which has all of the issues addressed by the previous owner.
I just listed my 95 GTS for sale if you're interested.

1995 Ferrari F355 GTS for sale: Anamera
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Good points on TCO. 12c is about $2k annually plus the car which is big $$$. So I guess I'm also thinking about stress of constant downtime and/or the feeling of fragility. I'm not a a mechanic so would prefer to get a sorted one and have it serviced. But of things keep breaking it can rob the joy of you know what I mean.

But no doubt if it's relatively reliable AND fun I could get a user Panamera T or 997TT with the savings LOL.
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Bought my (very well sorted) 348 spider to scratch the Ferrari itch while my Boxer was off the road. Absolutely love it and having previously intended to sell it once I got the Boxer back, I am now keeping it as it is too much fun, its just had a major service and it has appreciated about 30% in the last 14 months.

Not sure if that helps you but couldn't resist the temptation to show the 348 love.

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are you getting an F40?

Originally Posted by 355dreamer View Post
Don't be afraid of the 355. Just buy the best one you can afford which has all of the issues addressed by the previous owner.
I just listed my 95 GTS for sale if you're interested.

1995 Ferrari F355 GTS for sale: Anamera

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If 355 and 348 So Similar Why 355 Maint so Bashed?

I think some if the issue with the 355 goes right to engines design from square one, the issue with valves and headers is attributable to excessive heat from higher engine speeds , small valve and stem diameters and valve arrangement and angles in the valvetrain. Better valve guides rectify the issue , but in my opinion the issue runs deeper.

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not sure if a CS is considered modern by any standards , but it's definitely closer to an MP4-12C then my 348......owning both, i can say i still love the 348 loads..feels more connected to the road than the CS i i must say...that great saying you must have heard ie "the feeling of the steering"....it's very very true...drive a 355 and 348 back to back...you'll understand...
anyway the 348 has not much lower end torque but it is a pure joy to drive and is pretty decent fast at the top end.......get a 348 and you won't regret it.....

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