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F348 AC fuse burn and AC out of order...solutions ?

I have a 348, the compressor for AC is new. first the AC stop after 5 minutes and all informations on panel are becoming hard to read...but if I turn off the key and after I turn on, it restart..and again after 5 minutes everything stoped , the information are no longer on panel.
I went to the 30 A fuse and it was totaly bunt and wires nearly burned...
I will change it like in tech tips but someone told me that the control panel trouble is another problem and to fix it there is a wire to add on the + ....do someone know it ?
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Hi Fana348 - welcome to the site.

I wish I knew the answer as my 348 is due at the garage on Saturday to have the AC motor fixed. When I spoke to the guy he did mention that the both the 348 AC compressor and the control panel were known problem areas.

Sounds like a job for your local Ferrari specialist to me.
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AC 348

since 2 years I got the car I mabnaged to do everything alone and it is not my job, In fact Im nurse!
But I dont like when my car is sic....in fact the AC compressor have a sort of "cluch" tahta start the compressor when you turn it on on the panel ...it is this part that is often damaged on 348. But I changed totaly the AC comp to be shure to make good work. now the pannel could be damaged ?? I heard that there are Recal campains for 348 for the Ac it is top secret ...but I would very like to know what is the thing to midify...there is a story of whire to modify because the panel doesnt have a corect amperage coming on...

the subject only start, let me know your experiences...bye an thanks
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AC Fuse

I have had the same problem. The AC fuse getting hot and melting on
on my 355. A 348 owner with the same probem told me that the 348 and 355 have the same fuse holder and the same overheating promlem due to corsion where the fuse plugs in. The corosion causes extra resistance and make the fuse get hot. I changed the fuse holder to a good quality gold fuse holder from Radio Shack (stereo type) and my problem went away. Fuse is now ICE COLD.
If the problem still happens after doing this you need to check the wiring and all the componants, one at a time.
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AC fuse

Yes I saw it on tech tips section....I was wondering if it works...I ordere the fuse holder And got it today so I will do it
thanks a lot I will ask if it works....
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