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308 driving experiences - model comparisons

Something has been on my mind of late, and I don't have the personal experience to decide for myself.

Leaving aside cost, reliability or preferences in design taste, what are the differences in the driving experiences between the following (all carb) cars;

308 GT4
308 GTS
308 GTB
308 GTB Vetroresina

It's been years since I have owned a convertible and something is drawing me towards a GTS. It would probably, but not necessarily, mean selling the GT4 as I can't see the logic of owning a GT4 and a GTS.

Just brainstorming at the moment, so would welcome any thought input, but in particular I'm interested in personal opinion on the differences in the driving experience of all of these early 308 marques.

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Barry, what a great thread to begin exploring the +/- of the 308 marque !

As much as I am thrilled to read comments, sorry to say that I cannot contribute much to the topic. So, let's see what the owners and experts have to say.

By the way, I am all for the idea of GTS model. Enjoy your new endeavor !

w/ smiles

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I have worked extensively on all and own a 328.

The people in the Ferrari business have a different perspective for a variety of reasons. My opinion is generally shared by my contemporaries in the business.

To start with, I hate carbureted cars. To me, carbs largely belong on display in a museum and I was quite adept at tuning them. Been there, done that and I don't see it in my future. That having been said, the GT4 is a wonderful car. If it had a 328 motor it would be perfect.

I personally have no use for any of the carbureted varieties of GTB or GTS.

The single possible exception would be a fiberglass bodied car with the dry sump motor but probably not even that.

To most of us that were in the dealers at the time of the carbureted V8 cars, they represented too little performance and too much maintenance. If you were of a mind to do considerable modernizing some of that changes but I tend to buy cars for what they are and not what I can turn them into.
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If you are desiring an open 308, go GTS! You know the basic concept of it from your GT4 ownership so go crazy! Buy one and then find out the differences empirically!


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308swb/308lwb:its about the tires

GT4 on 14s w/ xwx are horrible compared to late qvs w/ 16s w/225f/255r..I like swb much more than lwb,,,330GTC better for me than 330GT,,GT4 are easy to buy and hard to sell.
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Good question! I'll give a personal opinion.

ALL 308s except the B (Berlinetta= coupe) have developed squeaks. They are not a complete torque box. The "Targa" type models do not contribute much to the rigidity. That's my opinion.
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For me, I would love to own a Euro spec dry sump 308 GTB. A thrilling driving machine that doubles up as a surprisingly good GT.

The most important difference I feel is US versus Euro spec cars. Looking at Road & Track as well as Car and Driver period tests, it seems like there is not much difference between a US versus Euro GTB/Si and an even smaller difference between US and Euro qv models. However there seems to be a big difference between US versus Euro carb cars. 205hp versus 255hp with about 100kg added to the US spec cars (big bumpers and emission equipment). That is about a 20% power loss for more weight for the US spec cars and they all had wet sumps. No wonder US carb 308s are sometimes described as slow by modern standards. A well set up Euro carb 308 is still fast by any standards. I spent a wonderful day at an airfield given rides for charity and saw 230km/h at the end of the 1.3 km straight. We repeated this performance many times on that hot and sunny day and the little 308 GTB just ran better and better! There was more to come. In the bends, well then we are talking seriously fast given the unbelievable handling and meaty torque from that four cam V8. I had the pleasure of driving Matt's nicely sorted 328 GTS recently and would say that while the 328 definitely has the edge low down, top end of the 328 and Euro 308 carb is very similar. The increased muscle of the 328 being balanced by the revvier 308.

GTB versus GTS? I have had the privilege of driving two very good 308 GTSi as well as the aforementioned 328 GTS. The GTS is a fantastic design with very little buffeting with the roof off and a great solid feel. Putting on the roof spoils the gorgeous lines and introduces rattling to the cabin while also reducing headroom to less than that for the GTB. For fast driving I would take a Euro spec carb GTB. For cruising I would take a GTS with fuel injection and only put the roof on in emergencies.

308 GT/4 versus 308 GTB/S. Thanks to your generosity I got to drive your lovely GT/4 Barry. It feels and sounds fantastic! The GTB feels more immediate with the engine right behind you and less weight. The GTB felt a lot faster and I would equate the performance of the GT/4 to be similar to that of a GTB/GTSi. That is to say plenty of go, particularly low down without the extra zing of the carb GTB at the too end.

No offence intended to anyone owning a fabulous 308 of any type, I am a huge fan and am thinking out aloud here why a Euro spec carb 308 GTB would be the one I would love to add to my stable.


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Hard to say... Indeed the GTB/GTS is a great car. I would suggest you to try one, feel the emotions and evaluate. Your GT4 is just perfect, not that easy to find one in such condition.
This article compares all the Ferrari v8, from the GT4 to the Scud, hope you will find it interesting.
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Edit: ok, the 348 is missing!

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