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Worries about 328 spares availability, or rather lack of...

Having searched for indicator glass etc (by the way, many thanks for many supportive replies), I like to raise a general question: What is your oppinion about the lack of spares for the 328 ? How do you guys manage ? Are there people out there manufactoring "copies" or various items (if yes, pls pm me)
I am actually getting quite worried how to keep a 25 year odl car alive... I am considering selling and getting a newer car, or perhaps even changing to another brand.
There seem to be no aftermarket (or at least very very limited) products. What is you end up with a cracked window, or need a new(er) gearbox, general items for engine, suspension etc etc.???

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Parts are available but often you have to search for them. I've got a Mondial t and I've managed to obtain all the parts I needed, some took a few weeks (or even months!) but they are usually out there eventually.
Costs can sometimes be high. I bought a new indicator/sidelight lens for mine and it cost 200. A new panel for the centre console (just the plastic panel top) was 240. I bought a spare wheel and it cost 300 second hand.
Other parts were cheaper. interior roof grab handle 30, number plate lamps 10 each, heater valve repair kit 50.
Some electrical parts are shared with other makes such as BMW. If the part has a Bosch part number, try BMW. For example, fuel injection relay Maranello 30, BMW dealer 5 and it's the same part. Heater valve Maranello 350 but it's also fitted to the old BMW 5 series and there's a repair kit for 50 (from the USA, $40 for the part and $50 shipping)
Of course there are some parts that you'll struggle with, such as your indicator lens, but that's the same with any Classic Car. My last car was a 1932 Standard Little Nine, which was obsolete by 1935.....and most of the remaining spares were destroyed when the factory (in Coventry) was blown up in the second World War! However I STILL managed to get all the parts that I needed for it, with a bit of searching.
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There are a few in the biz of reproducing some parts from fuse blocks to bearings to even some joints and similar items, albeit they are called 'paperweights' for legal reasons. Some, like Dave Helms have superior products to the OEM as Hill engr. does to OEM.

There are several specific replacements that can suffice for the OEM product but sometimes also without the price tag associated with having a Cavallino on the product.

IF your question is specifically towards the 328 then I would also post in the 328 section for even a general response.

As I've seen over the last few weeks, there are many parts cars entering the market. Some are priced high like an idiot's dream, but some are priced about right for parts. Some in the US and EU acquire them for parts. Eurospares and Ferrparts come to mind.

Some sites I am just getting familiar are [we should really post a listing of all we find...I have found several]:


La Scuderia Rossa - 208 Intercooler - 328 parts

and one of my newest to look at for fabricating or fixing existing parts from electrical to any lenses:

I believe the 2x8 series will be easier than the Mondial T's over time. I have a Mondial T also, and LIGNTNING is correct all the way.

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Thanks a lot guys ! That is very good information. Now I feel I can continue my search for a 328 GTS, or even 308:-)
All the best, Anders

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Maranello Parts and Eurospares in the UK also carry a good selection of 3X8 parts.
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La Scuderia Rossa seemed to have most of what I wanted but their prices were, to put it mildly, rather high.
I ended up buying nothing from them, they wanted a total of 2,500 for the grab handle, a used side air intake, and the plastic oddments box (fitted in centre console) They wanted 3,000 plus shipping for a radiator, and 3,000 for the aircon compressor.
I guess if I was rich I would have just given them my credit card number, but I'm not.
I got the oddments box from Ferrparts for $40 and the handle was 30 from QV London.
I repaired the air intake, and the radiator was re-cored by a specialist for 200. The compressor cost 250 to rebuild.
Before throwing money at new parts, make sure the old part can't be repaired! This sounds obvious but a dealer will often just replace faulty compressors etc without looking at this. For instance a major Ferrari dealer in the UK did not know that there was a repair kit for the heater valve, saving 300 on the cost of a new one.

Maranello Classic Parts in the UK are very helpful, and Ferrparts are also excellent. Maranello have a lot of "Classic" Ferrari parts that are not catalogued, which means they have stock but can't find it! They bought large quantities of parts from Ferrari and it's all sat in the warehouse. If this happens ("we are showing stock but the computer does not give a location/bin number") try Ferrparts as they clearly have more clout and seem to be able to get Maranello to search for the parts.

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