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328: Increse power & improve road grip and wide body kit ?

Anyone with any ideas how to increse power and improve road grip etc on a 328 1986 ?
1) I used to own a 328 GTS for nearly 7 years. Sold it and had some other Fīs after this.
2) I am missing my 328, but when driving the 328 there is also something else I am missing: about 50-80 horses or so.
Yes, I KNOW it is not a performance car, and if it is performance only I am looking for, I should get another car. So, please save your time and donīt give me those wisdoms...
I want a 208 Turbo or 328 because of the looks.
3) How can power be improved in a 328 ? Any experience, and how much have you managed to squeeze out, without parts braking ?
4) Cost / companies to turn to ?
5) Has anyone done any mod to a 208 Turbo ? It delivers about 255 hp, and I thought there might be a chance to boost the power somewhat. How much, and what about limiting factors like fuel pump capacity, fuel injectors, gearbox, gaskets to withstand higher pressure etc ?
6) Should I go with a 208 Turbo (255 hp), or is a 328 (270 hp) better to start off from ?
7) Anyone done anything to the rest of the car, like changing shock absorbers, springs, anti sway / roll bars, stiffer bushings, different tyres etc etc ? Changes that can be done without too much changing the general look of the car. It shoudl still look pretty much as original.
I have followed most of the treads about 288 conversions and it is not really what I am looking for.
Does anyone know of a "half way" body kit, where you modify the wheel arches only and maybe the rear end ? Similar to whatīs avalable for Porsche 911: "Turbo" widebody optical kit.

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A 328 IS a performance car..... a 25 year old one. For more power, you could fit electronic fuel injection, custom turbo or supercharger. There are a few links floating around for that. in terms of power it's really dependent on how much you want to spend. There is a place called Carobu in California that does alot of engine modifications. Also Nicks Forza Ferrari out in Washington state has alot of aftermarket engine, suspension and brake parts.

Because its so old now, no one with the exception of the 288 GTO body kit is really making anything for them. Most of us tend to think that destroys an otherwise beautiful car.

In the US, a 208 turbo or GTSturbo is a very rare animal. only a handful around if that. If you are wanting to make extra power, I'd go for a two valve injected car or a QV as a starting point if the 308 body style is your preference... otherwise go for the 328.

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Fortunately there isn't a shortage of parts to really dial in the 308/328 cars. The only horsepower mods that are available without opening the engine will be converting to fully electronic injection and updating the camshafts. This will get you close to your goal but realistically you'll be looking at boring/stroking and increasing compression as well.

Nick's Forza Ferrari, in California sells upgraded suspension parts. I know Energy Suspension sells urethane bushing kits to update as well.

I'm not away of any small flares for these cars, it seems to mostly be the big 288 fenders. You'll most likely need to have them specially made to get the look you want.

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I'm totally gald this question and set of posts is still out here. Gives me an idea of what can be done. If I keep my 328, it seems like a slightly more aggressive cam and bumping the compression with head work might be the ticket. Is there anything that can be done with the valves? I prefer N/A rather than forced induction-Zioo
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the only reasonable improvements are euro spec cams ,Tubi Exhaust.and a test pipe , these cars are not fast..but they will give you a driving experience thats second to none,, that electronic injection modification takes out all of the factory look to the engine bay, and the cost is outragous, i have the Tubi / Larini set up, and my car outran a 350 Z from a second gear roll on,,i have thought about going with the hotter cams, and maybe someday, ill do that,,but like the other guy said,,328 s are old cars.I do wish Ferrari had made these cars with 50 more Hp, but in 86 i suppose 270 was pretty good compared to what was out there, the 328 did outperform the Porsche Turbo of that era,,so the 328 had decent HP ,,just my thoughts, let us know how you fair,,Brett
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Alex- To increase compression without changing pistons would require decreasing the volume of the combustion chambers by either shaving the head or welding in aluminum and reshaping. Neither is particularly easy to do. It would be cheaper to change the pistons.

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Adding boost, electronic fuel injection, and increasing fuel octane is the right answer here.

The 328 is a sharp car, with a decent turbo it would be an exceptionally fast car.
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I recall talking to a specialist a few years ago about a 328 race he modified. The car was beating 355 challeng cars on the track. I think the cost to mod the engine was around Ģ25,000 alone.

Can't remember what was done to the car though.
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328 GTS Horsepower Increase

Originally Posted by tazandjan View Post
Alex- To increase compression without changing pistons would require decreasing the volume of the combustion chambers by either shaving the head or welding in aluminum and reshaping. Neither is particularly easy to do. It would be cheaper to change the pistons.
Thanks. I did one little thing: I put a Fabspeed 200 count German cat on my car. I wanted to continue to catalyze the exhaust, but get more flow than stock. Although this was a fairly straight-forward installation, removal of the right rear wheel in my own garage was necessary along with jacking the car up and use of a single jack stand. 17, 14 and 10 mm sockets and a 5mm Allen were all that were required, tool-wise. Loosening up the wiring harness for the exhaust sensor without removing the wire altogether made the reinstall go more quickly. I don't know where the thing was made (Taiwan?) but the quality of the unit appeared to be superb. I tested for exhaust leaks and reversed the removal order exactly and then went for a test ride. Immediate added torque and horse power with nice acceleration boost and a more willing engine. The best unexpected plus was much smoother shifting than before, particularly second gear. I didn't bother dynoing this bolt on, because then reasonable money would have gone to stupid money. But, seat of the pants says this was a nice mod. Installation took this old man and his son about three hours. If we did it every day, about an hour would be all that would be necessary. The best part is that we didn't break anything. Saved the CAT for the next smog test. Alex Sempredoro
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