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308gtsi problems

hi there my gtsi starts eagerly from cold and when hot,but will not have it if it has been run then stopped for a couple of hours,this has also usually happened when on a hill also.as when i start her elsewhere it is usually on the level hot or cold ,so i need to stop her after a run and leave for two hours on the level,if it wont work then its flatbed time!any comments appreciated!
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Just bumping this back to the top of the daily post list for you. Sorry, but I can't help.

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Does it sound like fuel starvation ? Is the engine turning over but not catching ?
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thankyou boxer it could be,i will take her out later .
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Does sound like a vapour lock somewhere, mine starts great ALL the time. Idling is a bit ragged when very cold however. But thats cause it runs very rich till warmed up.
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308 gtsi

thankyou for your thoughts on the problem avi8tor,your comments are greatly appreciated and along with boxer ,it is sounding like i just shouldnt park her on hills!because its increasingly obvious that this is the issue.i hthink its a fine line between enough fuel and flooding the arse off her,in a short second or two!while trying to get some air in.
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I had a similar issue with my 80 308. I had to replace the backflow valve coming from the fuel pump, this wears out and does not keep pressure in the lines to prevent the fuel turning to vapor, hence a vapor lock issue. Hope this helps! Capt Pete should get all the credit, he is a master at fuel injection.


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Vapor lock is an easy problem to solve...

Cause: The engine overheats, causing the fuel line, fuel pump and carburetor to heat up.

Result: Excess vaporization of fuel in the carburetor and/or actual vapor lock in the fuel line or fuel pump.

Solution: Wrap the fuel lines on both sides of the pump with aluminum foil tape and depending on the pump style you have, you can also wrap the pump.

This is a precaution if your car is prone to vapor lock. This will not work to help fix it when it's happened; this is for the next times it wants to happen.

Hold the throttle open just a bit with the accelerator pedal while you crank. Don't move the throttle at all while cranking, or the accelerator pump with flood the carburetor. The reason for cracking the throttle open it to avoid using the idle jet alone, as this runs the car richer than the main jet, and a rich-hot mixture makes the car flood easily.

When the engine catches, hold the throttle still until it clears the excess fuel and it will rev a little higher, so no worries.

Came back to edit: Almost forgot, if you have problems starting in hills, check the choke flap operation for sticking & float level, might be a good time for a carb cleaning.

My .02 cents



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