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Ferrari F430 F1 Twin Turbo Setup

Hi guys!

First of all, i'll introduce myself. My name is Zack and located in Malaysia, loving my Ferrari F430 F1 Year 07!

Been reading from this forum all this while and would like to thank you guys for all those excellent info and guide/troubleshoot which had help me a lot in solving any issues with the car.

Been having this ride for the past year and loving it, however i do feel a slight of under power. Fine i'll admit, it's never enough speed

I'll like and hoping to dedicate this thread for more in depth on the twin turbo setup to guide other owners in future you are wanting to twin turbo setup their ride.

And obviously, would require all your help and guidance in making this happen.

Main reason for doing this? All happen back during a Ferrari club owner meet up, met this guy with a novitec scuderia 777. Had 777 horsepower and crazy amount of torque, had a ride in it and man the difference between the cars is crazy!

Got caught up with the feeling of it and had restless nights dreaming about it, woke up one day and told my self "lets do this"!

So here's what i've gathered so far, spoke to the guy who had the Novitec 777 and local Ferrari dealers told me its actually bare stock internals and gearbox as our regular F430! Including the clutch is the same unit as well plus its actually running higher compression that stock F430 since scuderia is pushing 11.9 instead of 11.3 comp ratio.

I've also followed a few twin turbo setup threads so far including Justin twin turbo 360 as well, and came to realize, why the hell not?!

Here's the list of parts i would be getting and any inputs of what's more needed or exchanges please do chime in.

1. Pair of Precision Turbo Gen2 PTE 5558 Ball Bearing with "S" ported shroud with .82 A/R housing
(spoke to precision regarding the best turbo to fit in, however as for the A/R housing is all completely up to us wether we would want instant boost or a sudden kick on higher range which i could stick not sort it out).

2. Pair of Turbosmart GenV 40mm Comp Gate 7 PSI wastegate
(not sure if 40mm is sufficient enough)

3. Pair of Turbosmart Race Port Blow off valves.

4. Rhodes race car 7 1/2 gallon water tank with water pump

5. Probably a custom Water to Air intercooler tank or have precision turbo to custom make a size we would need.

As for the rest of the parts, i am still unsure to what else would i need to. As for piping works, a friend of mine workshop would be able to do all those piping work.

As for tuning, a local tuning workshop is able to tune the stock bosch ecu for a full tune. Just wondering since its going to be on stock ecu, would probably have to keep the maf attached.

I would appreciate any help, thanks guys
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I've had some experience with turbocharging cars since I've been fooling with Supras for nearly 30 years. Here are some thoughts:

1. Water to Air intercoolers seem to be the current rage, but IMO, an Air to Air is more efficient. When I worked at Caterpillar, we would give the engines with Air to Air intercooling a higher continuous BHP rating than those with a Water to Air setup.

2. Try to keep intercooler air piping as short as possible to reduce turbo lag, and go with the most advanced turbos you can for the same reason. BW and others are now offering VAV technologies and other interesting tricks to improve spool and reduce lag.

3. You will probably need a bigger radiator, or perhaps additional radiators because Ferrari are not known for oversizing their cooling systems. What may have cooled the car sufficiently at stock probably won't be enough at turbo power levels. Ditto for the cooling fans.

4. Ensure your MAF's are rated for the increased air flow. Most turbo cars dispense with the MAF's and change to MAP sensors. Ditto for the injectors - Don't EVER let a turbo car run lean at high boost - it's a sure recipe for cooking your engine.

In lieu of adding turbos to your existing engine, you "may" want to consider finding a Tipo 154 engine from a 488, California T, Maserati QP GTS, etc. and transplanting it into your 430.

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High mileage, low compression, and missing on a few cylinders.....just like my cars.

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Hi mate,

Thanks for the advice.

1. You are right about air to air however i have no idea how to mount the air to air IC. It would be way too far to have it front mount including getting massive turbo lag, setting it up in the engine bay itself would be useless as the heat soak would just make it worst.

2. Would definitely be short by using water to air IC and pte gen2 turbo's with ball bearing chra would have excellent spooling time tho.

3. As for the rad, i would probably have all set up first and then probably get that done. I would probably think its sufficient enough since i have never had mark above 92-95 C yet and i wont be boosting consecutively all the time. Plus the IC water would be running on separate pump/tank/rad as well.

4. This is bugging me as well, i hope the MAF could handle the air flow. I notice most do not use the MAF back however its weird seeing the novitec are still running the MAF with 0.5 Bar of boost, i understand the flow would be different however im hoping it would be sufficient once open loop.

Transplant isn't an option tho, its quite impossible to find 488 engine/gearbox/wiring plus it would cost way too much rather then turbocharging them.

It would be much help if someone could point out the Injectors sufficiency, oil feed and return guide etc.
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