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Originally Posted by tazandjan View Post
FN- I would not let someone who has not done thousands of them touch the injectors. Take them off, box them up with each wrapped in paper towels in a baggie with the injector number on it, and send them off. RC Engineering has done thousands of these and turn-around is very quick. Plus they have all the correct Viton seals on hand, so no fiddling around.

Dave can tell you how difficult the injectors are to remove on an F430. On a 575M, it is a very simple job. Any fluid you use will give at best temporary results if the rubber seals are shot. I was ODing mine on Techron concentrate, but it finally got to the point where that did not work, either.
Thanks again Taz,

Very insightful. To update on the Bluechem, I didn't start the car for two days after the initial fuel up. To test it, I waited until evening so that the day had cooled off. I pressed the start button and it started with only slight sluggishness that lasted a fraction of a second. The car drove and operated normally. Over the past several days, I started the car waiting at least 24 hours in between each start and each time, it has started up without hesitation or any sluggishness.

I believe that this remedy is likely temporary but am pleased that this Bluechem stuff actually works! Hopefully the results are maintained after this tank of gas is used and the next tank no longer has any additive. Obviously the car has been sitting around without usage way too long, which has caused this issue. I will figure out how to get the injectors out to send to RC Engineering for a thorough cleaning.

By the way, concentrate bottles of Techron are no longer sold in Canada. At least, that's what I was t by the various chevron gas stations I visited. Not sure why but it makes me wonder especially since their gas still has it.

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FN, bumping your thread to see if the condition returned after a few weeks or all is well?

PM sent as well!

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Originally Posted by gandalfthegray. View Post
FN, bumping your thread to see if the condition returned after a few weeks or all is well?

PM sent as well!


Well, after using the BlueChem fuel system cleaner (engineered and manufactured in Germany), the sluggish cold starts have gone away. Last weekend, I started up the car after sitting idle for almost two weeks and it fired up without issue. I've gone through almost a half tank of gas and about 6 starts since adding the solution. My independent gets the stuff and its not available at autoparts stores so I'm not sure where to source it. I even went on their website and couldn't find retailers....

However, one thing I noticed that David and Taz are accurate with is that I now notice that the car still has a bit of semi-misfiring when the engine is cold. After several minutes of warm up, I drive off gently but do notice at low rpms, a slight hesitation when the gas pedal is initially depressed to accelerate. After the car is driven for 5+ minutes, it's all back to normal.

The independent that I referenced before has asked that I bring the car in and he also recommended that the car be left overnight or two, and he'll hook up the scanner to get readings upon a cold start up. From that, he'll be able to determine the cause...

I hope to get around to that when the weather clears up since I'm afraid that the car will melt if I drive it in the rain!


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I had the exact problem with my 2005 360, namely running very rough on first cold start of the day, then clearing and starting normally for the rest of the day. I wanted to thank David and Taz for their advice on getting the fuel injectors professionally cleaned & re-O-ringed because this solved the problem. Interestingly, the dealer wasn't initially interested in pursuing this angle, suggesting that "they all do that, Sir." But he readily agreed to do the work and was pleased that it solved the problem. In fact, the mechanic specifically called out how well the car ran, suggesting to me that many cars of this era could benefit from this simple procedure.

Thanks to FN for posting the issue and for the detailed replies that solved my problem.

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on the topic of fouled / cogged / questionable injectors... once clogged additives normally are limited to what they can do... it is best to take injectors to a specialist to clean and rebuild... additives are more suited as an ongoing preventative measure... they can be good at removing early buildups before real blockage / problem occurs... there are popular brands that do good work chemically. An alternate to chemical reaction is to use enzymes to consume crud etc. Startron is a product. ( go to web page for info ) that uses enzymes It has been available for several years now and readily available in auto supply stores. I have not had any ethanol / fuel related issues while cleaning up clogs and keeping fuel clean and fresh since I started using it few years back Enzymes feed and flourish on crud until they run out of "food" (fuel is clean). It is worth a try, if looking for a fuel additive with a different approach
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