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Auto Mode & Reverse Buttons

I have a 2005 F430 Spider with only 7,000 kms on it. While I usually drive in the semi-manual mode with the paddle shifters, my wife is comfortable only in "auto". Last week, I was getting the car ready for my wife to take out and tried to set it to "auto" but it wouldn't go in "auto" at all.

Took it into the dealer yesterday and was told that the unit holding the Auto and Reverse buttons is fried despite the Reverse still working without any issues. The cost of replacement is $4,000+ Canadian, which is in the range of Ferrari pricing. My question: Is this a fairly common issue with these cars using the F1 technology or am I special.....as in unlucky...LOL!?

I'm kind of surprised that with all the alternative repair and replacement options for various parts and components, that there isn't yet a more price friendly alternative? Any insight is appreciated!

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Richard, being a newbie to these more modern F cars myself, I can only speak from my own recent encounters with the F1 shifts. Within the last six months, I acquired 575SA and Scuderia 16M and both came down with F1 sensor malfunctions.

Got the SA fixed and is working well now, meanwhile the 16M is in the shop to have the sensor replaced.

Not being familiar with such latest high tech stuff, a tinge of dismay and disappointment.

Meanwhile, I would let the other experts chime in for more sophisticated arguments.

w/ smiles

Italian Lover
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Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for the insight with the two cars you have! BTW, your two cars would be my choice of modern Ferrari's if I was to look for another car.... Absolutely love the Scuderia/16M for it's rawness!

As with everything, these issues will surface with age. WIth my car, sitting around as a garage queen probably doesn't help either....LOL. Regardless of the issues, I love the way these cars feel and drive...

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So I had the F1 panel with the Auto Mode and Reverse button replaced late last week and when I went to pick up the car from the dealership, my service advisor brought the car out and noted that he didn't like the way the new Auto Mode button was slow to change. He demonstrated that he had to hold down the button for 1 or 2 seconds before it would change and said that I should take it for the weekend and if I didn't like it, he would order another part this week....

Well, on the way home, I tried 6 or 7 times, to change from Auto to manual but to no avail. It was stuck on Auto and remains in Auto now. I contacted the service rep who said that a new part would be ordered for this week.

Question: does anyone know whether this is a "regular" or common issue with the Auto Mode; and whether anything specific must be completed (reprogramming ECU or any other area) after installing a new control panel? This seems very odd to me that the original Auto Mode switch failed with me stuck in manual/ paddle shift mode and the new panel is stuck with the Auto Mode activated - full time?

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I own a 360 and read a couple of forums and this does not seem to be a common problem. My guess is that there is something else wrong with the F1 system. It is not good that a 10 year old car has such low miles. When a car is not exercised regularly and just "sits", seals and bearings tend to dry out - which is not good. Keep us posted on what the problem ends up being.

If it is just the switch, then the ECU should not need to be reprogramed with the SD3 computer. The PIS should not be affected by just a switch change.
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Thanks Chris for the information.

I guess I'll find out whether it was a coincidence that the new switch/panel is not working properly or whether there is another issue at hand. If another panel gets fried after installation, I'm sure they'll take a close look at the F1 system. Good thing that Ferrari offers a 2 year warranty on their parts/ service....I guess it helps to somewhat justify the high prices....LOL!

True, not a good thing that these cars sit for long periods of time. With just under 7,200 kms or 4,500 miles on a 10 year old car, there's bound to be issues.... Will have to make time to take the car out but between work, family and kids, it can be challenging!

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