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Rattles from F430 - what I found so far...

The rattles and reverberations from 3k revs upwards while warm and accelerating is annoying.

I thought I would share my experience so others can possibly benefit on their process of elimination.

I initially thought the rattle may be a broken exhaust mount or one of the tips, I think there were a few things contributing so decided to take the diffuser off and take a look.

My car has the Challenge rear grille which has a lot of parts that can work loose and rattle.

-Exhaust tips

If you tap these with your knuckle you will probably hear a high pitched rattle. I am going to have them welded but while the diffuser was off I cut some small alu wedges and pressed them firmly in the back of the exhaust tip between the outer casing and the actual exhaust pipe.

No more rattles.

-Bypass valves

I had read a on forums that this can be a culprit too. When your under the car, grab hold of the arm that moves within the valve and move it around. You can imagine this making some noise under vibration.

Unplug the hoses from the valves and put an short M5 screw in each rubber hose. Go for a drive and see if you still get the same resonance.

I did!

-Triangle Grille in diffuser

Mine rattled around a lot. The vibrations obviously cause a lot to work loose. Once the diffuser is off, remove the 2 screws holding the grille in place and refit with some spring washers.

My grille still rattled at the top edge where there is not a screw. I made a spacer out of a large rubber grommet to stop the grille rattling against the diffuser.

Much better!

-Challenge grills

If you tap the grill you will hear it rattle slightly. Its fixed in place by 7mm bolts that were quite loose.

I used some more spring washers and refitted the grille.

Much less noise.

- Challenge grille heat deflectors.

Mine were both loose, tighten them up. 4 x 8mm bolts will secure.

Still got rattles?

-Engine lid latch

Mine rattled and makes a right racket. Grease it with some thick heat resistant grease.

So Ive had a BBQ and a glass of wine now so a final test drive will have to wait until tomorrow.

Im sure I will find more rattles!
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I had the rattles from the exhaust tips and any engineer will find its difficult to do anything effective as its a badly constructed design, in the end I replaced my 430 tips with the those from FUCHS whom manaufacture for Novitec but you can buy cheaper from them directly. No more rattles and a fanatastic sound http://www.ferrarilife.com/forums/mo...hter-f430.html
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