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f430 transmission shifting into neutral

my 08 f430 shifts into neutral when coming to a stop. It will not shift into gear unless I let the car cool for half an hour.
The has to be driven for a half hour or so to have it act up.
Anyone else experience this issue?
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Welcome to FerrariLife.
You need to get it diagnosed by your dealer as it is can be many things starting from a worn clutch, actuator leaks or e-diff solenoid valve issues, etc.
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F 430 neurral

Hi Brett,

They say, " little knowledge is dangerous", but here goes.

Yes, I just went through this on my 06 F430 with 6,300 miles. It started around 6,000. Please go to the General Discussion and see my post, "Need help and advice", or search up my posts.

It may be a bleed, drain of the F 1transmission and same for the actuator, then a recalibration. It could be the actuator. I was told by the dealer the actuator was about $6 grand plus labor. Mine related to a loose middle screw holding the actuator and a cracked block holding the unit, ($400 part).Labor, fluids, the part and recalibrating was Est at $1700. However, you will see in the thread other things arose in the course off the major check up and my total was a little change short of $9500, mostly sensors for the variators and service.

I am new to FL and have owned my car since 09-12. I hope I relayed this correctly. This was my similar experience and not to imply it is what is wrong with your cae.

Good Luck,

Phil Dade
F 430 Berlinetta owner

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Bret- Welcome to Ferrari Life. Neutral is the F1 system's safety net to prevent you from being stuck dead, in gear, at an intersection with no way to get her in neutral so you can roll her. Many things will cause that. On yours, what you are seeing is one of the symptoms of the point of initial slippage (PIS) being set too low and the clutch going from minimum clearance when cold to little or no clearance when things heat up and expand. You need an SD3 or equivalent to diagnose and we hope it is not something expensive. Usually it is not, but...

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It is a long story. I will keep it as short as I can. I bought the car new in 2008.About one year later it would not go into reverse. Quick call to dealership, said wait ten minutes and restart. Did the trick. Happened a few more times. A quick shut off and restart always worked. Then it threw it's self into netural when the car was about 2 1/2 years old. Another call to dealership same trick shut the car off to reset the computer and restart. It worked. My big mistake was not taking it in for this problem. I feel this is an ongoing issue. But Ferrari will not help because I never brought it in for the issue. My big mistake. Fast forward to now. I cannot drive the car for more than 30 min. with out this happening. Restarting it no longer works. The car has to cool for about 30 min. then it works great again for 30 min.then repeats the issue.
I have had it at the dealership .They diagnosed it as a leaky acluminator $2500 . Even though a private shop said there was no pressure problem. I told them it had already been tested. They told me the private shop was wrong and this was my issue. So they replaced it. I picked up the car asked them if they road tested it. they said yes all fixed. I drove about 30 min. pulled to a stop and it threw it's self into neutral.would not go into gear just like before. Not fixed as told . Stuck on the side of the road. Now it is back at the shop again. The new diagnosis is something with the throwout bearing. Because it is showing low clutch wear for a car with 8500 miles. I explained to them that is not a reason to think that is the issue because I do everything I can to save the clutch. I had a lot of miles on my 360 clutch. They are getting help from the factory but seems they just want to keep throwing parts at it at my expense.There are a lot of stories of the same exact issue while under warranty. Ferrari never could find out the problem on the other cars. After months of trying they finialy sent out the entire F1 system to customers, problem solved. So here I am knowing I could be in for a long battle. They really do not know what is causing it. $3500 to pull the trans to look at the throw out bearing. It really is a shot in the dark. They also will not refund anything for the previous fix. I just do not know which way to go. If the factory is not going to help I can have the work done elsewhere for far less $. I am really pissed Ferrari will not stand up for a known issue. I say recall
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Sorry for putting everything in one paragraph. Hard to read. Got a little excited.

I am a decent mechanic. And do understand how the system works. Also all the parts involved. The private shop I use believe it could be the actuator. When I told him Ferrari said it was the accumulator he said no way. Way more pressure present to operate the system. But I decided to stick with the dealership because of the chance of getting help from the factory because it is a known problem. Not happening at this point.

Thanks for any help or stories of the same issue.


2008 F430 coupe
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