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New F430 Owner

Iíve taken the plunge into my first Ferrari. Iím in the process of buying a 2006 F430 Spider with 8,900 miles on it. The car is Grigio Titanio Metallic on the outside, black top, has charcoal Daytona seats, charcoal on the roll bar upholstery and on the rear shelf. Stitching is in light grey as are the seat stripes; it has a red tachometer, carbon fiber driving area and dash inserts.

The car comes prewired for a battery charger, has electrically operated seats, Scuderia shields, ball polished rims and high power HiFi with sub. Iíll be the 3rd owner. The car was originally purchased in TX by the first owner and bought in TX but shipped to FL by the 2nd owner 18 months ago. In the last 18 months the car was driven 900 miles which is both good and bad. Skid plates were added to the car in 2010. It has keys, codes, books, charger, cover and tools.

Iím buying the car from a Ferrari dealer who has a good reputation and has the car on a consignment basis. Their agreement with the owner is that the car has to be brought up to their standards before the car is sold. The first time I looked at the car they had identified a number of deficiencies that would be corrected. These included sticky interior switches, new battery, some minor exterior flaws like curb rash on a rim, broken exhaust brackets, leaking throw out bearing and leaking timing cover gasket. Theyíre replacing both the throw out bearing and the clutch plate. Theyíre also replacing both the timing cover gasket and the motor mounts. Relative to the exhaust brackets, they were going to replace them with OEM brackets, but have agreed to use Capristo brackets with me paying the difference in price. Tires were replaced 18 months ago and have a 2011 year code on them.

They also planned on changing all fluids and filters and we discussed in detail, and in writing, my definition of ďall.Ē My physical inspection of the inside and outside didnít reveal any wear/nicks etc. I canít even find a nick on the hood, front bumper and grills. I asked and they provided me a service printout from the dealer in TX that serviced the car which dates back to 1/2008. Everything seems in order and the mileage matches Carfax. No record of any accidents, thefts, etc. Thereís no record of the car having been serviced in 2013 and thatís most likely because it was only driven 900 miles since May of 2012. They also gave me a printout confirming that all campaigns were completed and when.

Right or wrong I decided to not hire an independent to do a PPI and the dealer agreed to let me come over when the car was on the lift, the panels removed and spend as much time as I wanted with one of their certified technicians. I did that and the mechanic was very helpful and open. The cosmetic repairs had been completed and looked fine. The timing cover gasket and motor mounts had been replaced. He showed me the old mounts and they absolutely needed replacement. We inspected the suspension and didn't see and signs of damaged or worn components and there was no sign of any accidents. The skid pads looked in good shape. The mechanic said he had checked the ball joints and tie rod ends and there was no sign of play. When I test drove the car on my first visit it drove fine and it didn't make any unusual noises. Brakes pads and calipers were fine. The heat shields for the trans-axles were off and looked good, as did the trans-axles, boots and rear light brackets. I mentioned 3 times that when they flush the F1 to make certain they check the filter. They've also agreed to give me a SD3 printout when I pick up the car.

I checked the exhaust manifolds from on top of and from underneath the engine and couldn't find any evidence of cracking. The mechanic was well aware of the manifold problem and said he had checked them carefully also. Hopefully, the Capristo brackets will protect them.

The only thing I wanted to check but couldn't was the transmission bracket(s). They said they would inspect it and replace if necessary. Iím thinking about having it replaced regardless. Iíd be interested in forum memberís opinion on this. Is there one or two brackets? I can tell from the campaign report that in 2009 campaign 280 was completed which involved the RH gearbox support.

I also had the mechanic show me where drain plugs, filters and relays were because I plan on doing as much of my own maintenance as possible. How much of that I remember is questionable, but I take comfort in the number of excellent DIYís that are on this forum.

Thatís about it. Iím both excited and slightly apprehensive about buying a used Ferrari. Iím keeping my 2011 Porsche Carrera S which will allow me to compare the cars. I do track my Porsche and someday will take the Ferrari to the track, but donít plan on tracking it on a regular basis because itís too difficult and expensive to fix.
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Rich- Welcome to Ferrari Life. Sounds like a very nice F430 that has been brought up to current service and cosmetic freshness. Did not know the F1 system had a filter. There is one on the transaxle, but was unaware there was one for the F1 hydraulics.

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Taz - I've read enough of your postings to know not to question your knowledge - lol. I did get confused and meant the trans-axle. I do appreciate the correction. Like others have said, thank you for your numerous contributions to the Ferrari forums.
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Congrats Rich, it looks like you're on very good 430. You're right, a full SD3 print out contains a lot interesting information on how the car has been used. It's great that they make a good service before you'll get the car. Then after, if you're a bit handy, many things you can do yourself and it's always so enjoyable to work on such car Hope you'll get her soon and enjoy some nice drives. You'll discover that your both cars provide a very different feedback.
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Congrats Rich. Sounds like you know what you are getting into. Hopefully the price was fair to you. With all the work that was done, it doesn't sound like there would be much more needed. Feel free to post what you learn on your way to DIY maintenance.
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