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slow down warning

Recently the slow down warning has gone off. The first time happened was after the annuel service, turned out it was due to the cat temp module and got it replaced. everything was fine until second visit to shop to replace my tubi to stock exhaust. then slow down light started again. usually it appears first start in the morning , flash for a few min, and sometime it stay on for a few min with engine cylinder cut, again for a few min then off , everything will be back to normal. then for the rest of the day might not on again. Car back to shop to check out the computer code suggested vacuum leak (checked temp of cat normal). and it seems there is a leak at the manifold. My question is whether vacuum leak will cause slow down warning to come on? mechanic suggest because of the wrong signal cause confusion to the ecu or sensors therefore the warning? Does it make sense please comment. thanks
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Did your mechanic checked the injectors? Maybe you have a leaking injector. Please ask him the DTC error codes, that would be really helpful
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There are two cat temp sensors. Were both replaced? when mine started give the slow down CEL I was advised to replace both at the same time. The extra air via a lean should cause a lean condition causing your cat temps to go higher. I doubt it since you state the cat temps are normal.
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thanks guys. spoke to the mechanic briefly codes were related to air leak, not related to the cat temp module. because of the upcoming public holiday took the car back and he mentions its safe to drive, he is quite confident the slight crack at the manifold caused some disruption on the signal. last night drove for 2 hours straight and didnt come on. Will let him do the repairing on the manifold after holiday and see if it is really the case. Did some search on the net indeed similar case as mine with leak triggering slow down warning to go off........
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Hope it is nothing...

When in doubt,flat out!
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To update on the topic turns out to be the temp sensor again!! The first shop did not tell me the truth kept saying its something else further investication is needed when it is clear from the computer problem lie in the temp sensor. They just wanted me to kept spending on replacing different parts before the easiest part by replacing the sensors. Feeling something fishy I went to my trusted porsche mechanic who borrowed a factory ferrari computer. Two codes were generated one of them is the right side sensor and on the right side some misfiring. After replacing the sensor both codes were gone. One incidental finding was that the left sensor which I replaced few months ago from the first shop was a used one rather then brand new..........

previous CEL were gone after replacing the leaked manifold so that too is solved.

Lesson learned buying an exotic is one thing but a reliable and trustworthy shop behind it is everything....
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Winsome, I am currently having similar problems. Glad you got it trash out. When you refer temperature sensors, are you referring to the Thermacouple sensor? My tech tested the sensor with a electrical voltmeter and its value is fine. There is no way to test the Cat. ECU as it is a sealed unit. We figure that the cat ECU has moisture in it and I am trying to find used units to try them out.
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hi charle actually i am referring to the cat control unit the ecu. once it turns bad will need replacing.
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Just as I thought. Thanks for responding.
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Found this, hope it helps:

Ferrari 360 Slow Down | Aldous Voice

"....However, the most likely issue is the Cat ECU itself as they are prone to failure. Moisture can enter the unit and cause it to stop working. Ferrari actually updated the unit to try and counter these problems but they still fail – new part number is 179278 (old number is 173533). You can tell if a unit is the revised model if the resin is green as in the photo below:...."

Also check your o2 sensors.

Best of Luck!
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