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Exhaust Bypass Valve Override 360 and F430


I have installed a set up on my 360 that allows me to over ride the exhaust bypass valves ... sames as Capistro does with their device. It operates in two modes:

1. Factory ECU controls exhaust bypass valves (typically bypass exhaust above 4000 rpm)
2. Exhaust bypass valves set to bypass at all times

In position #2, the exhaust is always in bypass mode and you always have the louder sound (whatever your system is capable of). In position #1, the car is just stock.

I am thinking of putting together a DIY kit to make this plug and play. There would be no electrical splicing or modifications. You would only have to unplug the connector at each of the two exhaust valve vacuum solenoids and plug the connector into the input side of my kit and then plug the output side of the kit back to the vacuum solenoid.

Once installed, you would then have the option of a manual toggle switch in the cockpit or a remote key fob to toggle the exhaust bypass valves between 1 and 2 (as stated above).

My kit would include all hardware and electrical wiring needed. There would be no mods to the ECU or any wiring. No CEL codes will result.

Depending on the response I receive, I may or may not proceed with this project. I would appreciate your response to the poll.
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If safely secured, reversable and no impact to ECUs I think you have a market if priced right.

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I'm interested if the price is right
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Steve- The Capristo solenoid kit does the same thing for about $600 for a baseline, but it is remote only.

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Originally Posted by tazandjan View Post
Steve- The Capristo solenoid kit does the same thing for about $600 for a baseline, but it is remote only.

I saw that, Terry. I expect that I can put together a kit for substantially less ... including a remote. I am planning on making two options. A remote option and a manual toggle switch option.

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Depends on price and ease of install otherwise 600 for tried and tested Capristois not too bad.
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Exhaust Bypass Valve Controller - Prototype

I have completed my prototype for the Exhaust Bypass Controller. I started my project basing my design on the installation I did on my 360 ... where I installed two automotive relays to switch the ground connection on the vacuum solenoids that control the exhaust bypass valves. I used a simple on/off switch ( a Ferrari Fog Lamp Switch) that I installed in the dash in the empy slot next to the Sport switch. Works very well and no CEL or other codes have appeared.

My next logical step was to include a remote control circuit so one could control the valves using a remote control key fob ... and to this point I have successfully been able to test that function. My prototype then, was to put everything in a small electronic enclosure and test it out. Works like a charm. I control the vacuum valves by utilizing the small electric connector that is on each of the vacuum solenoid to get both the positive and ground signals. Then route those connections to my control module where I switch ONLY the ground signal ... leaving the positive signal untouched. This is the approach I used for my manual set up and I believe is also the same approach Capistro uses for their controller.

But, I have gone one better ... I have incorporated the ability to configure the controller to operate using either the remote control key fob ... or to use a manual switch in the cockpit. Personally, I like the manual switch option better, but that requires more work to route a wire in the vehicle interior and then install the switch. I think worth the extra effort, but obviously more effort than simply plugging in the controller to the vacuum solenoids and then using the remote key fob.

So bottom line ... the controller is plug and play. No electrical modification required on the car and 100% reversible. I switch only the negative side of the solenoids, so the ECUs do not "see" that they are disconnected. I do not get any CEL or other diagnostic codes. Installation is straight forward. Unplug the connector at each vacuum solenoid, plug in the control unit to that connector and to the plug on the solenoid itself. Connect the ground wire on the control module to any convenient ground and secure the control module. Done.

My next steps ...

I am sourcing wiring that is more heat resistant. More expensive, but the cabling should be able withstand temps as high 110 deg Celsius. Not exactly living in fire, but normal wire is only rated to 70 deg Celsius.

I am going to upgrade the electrical connection that I am using in the electrical enclosure. You see in the attached photos that I used some simple terminal blocks, a small rocker switch and some crimp terminals for the automotive relays. These need to be upgraded to more acceptable standards ... although they are really quite secure, it is not very elegant.

I plan to offer the controller to anyone who wants to try it out. Capistro wants $650 for their unit .. mine is not quite as sophisticated as theirs (they utilize magnet controlled configuration switching where I will utilize manual slide switches for configuration options). But, I will have one option they do not have ... ability to configure the unit to use either remote key fob or manual switch to control the valves.

I am going to be on vacation for next three weeks, but upon return, I should have all the bits and pieces to fabricate 10 to 20 of these units for my first run at this.

If you have an interest in in this, drop me a line or reply here. I have not set a price for this as I do not yet have my total cost evaluated. I expect something like $275 to $325 ... and that should include the control module, two remote key fobs and the connector cabling, cable ties, etc.

Photos attached are my prototype ... a bit crude at this point, but you get the idea.

Attached Images

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