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Just bought my FIRST Ferrari!

Hey Fellas,

Finally, after about 1 year of searching, I'm off the sidelines and in the game! This weekend, I purchased a 2001 360 Spider F1 with the exact matching specs on my list of "must haves."

On Friday of last week, I conducted a thorough PPI in the service bay with the head mechanic (Dan) at MAG Ferrari in Columbus, OH. The car came back as a "buy" recommendation, with the caveat of negotiating the right price. Over the weekend, we negotiated the deal and are closing this week!! I'm so thrilled, excited, and blessed.

The PPI revealed no MAJOR IMMEDIATE issues, though there are some things on the horizon. Namely, the convertible top is slightly out of alignment (there is a narrow gap between the pass. window and the top), the headers are starting to blow fiberglass back onto the engine block, and there is minor seepage possibly from a cam seal or cam cover. Also, the pads and rotors need to be replaced. Other than that, the "bad" stuff is really trivial and stupid: rims are in poor condition (but I'm planning to upgrade to F430 split 5-spoke rims), it needs a Challenge rear grille because I want one, no car or seat covers, only 1 key & fob, most tools are missing, alarm siren needs replaced, chin rash, recondition the seats, fix an air vent an a mesh air diffuser. I have a lot of plans for this car that I will space over time.

My car has 19,500 miles (so basically it's a 20,000 mile car), factory Scuderia shields, Power Seats, Daytona style seat trim, obviously Rosso Corsa / Beige, and a host of other upgrades including:
Upgraded stereo with NAV, Bluetooth, SIRIUS, and backup camera
Fabspeed Exhaust silencer
2004 TCU (non-CS TCU)
Excellent Service Records (recent clutch AND belts!)
New Fuel Pumps
New upgraded F1 pump and relay
All campaigns are up to date.

It has been repainted WELL in two separate areas: nose (common) and driver's rear quarter panel. We checked with measurements.

Significantly, this car is "local" to me, meaning it has been living about 75 miles from my home for the past 2 years. It originally was sold at F of Ft. Lauderdale, and spent its first 10 years in Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach Gardens. Clean Carfax and Autocheck - I'm 5th owner. Again, excellent service history. So, since this car was "local," I've been able to drive and see it twice (once for PPI) and I don't have to pay to fly to see it or ship it back. Many cars I'm looking at are either in Florida or Texas. Some even in SoCal. So, saved big money in transport and shipping. Also, since the most recent work was done "locally," I know the mechanic too!

I'm sure I've missed something, but that's the story. The PPI was good, the car is about 7.5 out of 10, but she can easily be brought up to 9 out of 10 with a few wise investments.

Before I bring her home, she's going to NJB Automotive in Columbus to have select items corrected, and then over to Todd at Esoteric (big thanks to Todd for coming to the PPI) to clean up and look pretty. Then, she'll make the trip South to take residence in my garage in Southern Ohio.

This waiting process is agonizing...

Welcome your feedback! Thanks fellas!

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Congratulations, Raj! I know you have been eagerly searching for your first F car and you have found indeed a beauty! Enjoy her in good health...


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Congratulations Raj, lovely car with a nice spec and enough room to add your own mark with upgrades, well done.


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Make sure you get those precats removed ASAP.
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Thanks for the kind words and the advice fellas!
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Raj- Very pretty car. If you have the PIN for your alarm system, I may be able to help you on the fobs. You have a lot of goodies from recent service so that is really good news. Bet you have already downloaded a Spider workshop manual from ferraridatabase.com.

Keep us informed as you work through the improvements you want to make. A 2002 360 or a CS TCU is another worthwhile improvement. We have friends who know how to do that inexpensively, too.

Terry Phillips

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Congrats Raj Your new baby looks like bright new! The horrible waiting will be soon over and I wish you to enjoy her many miles
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Congrats Raj. Beautiful 360.
The agonising wait will soon turn into an amazing delivery!
Drive in good health.

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I am ecstatic for you. Especially those who watched your search and waited to see you realize the dream.
Your car looks Amazing!. A proper Fcar.....
Another example of a PPI showing the actual value and allowing an intelligent valaution so you and the seller feel the transaction was fair.

Enjoy and tell us about your impressions when you have taken possession

Drive it well my friend.


I have regretted often, but repented never. Is this a good thing? -Enzo Ferrari
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Thanks again gentlemen. I'm so taken by this warm and heartfelt reception! Especially since you fellas know my history and have a general idea about my hunt.

I think the value of the PPI was simple - we are able to go into the car with our eyes wide open. We know what's coming up, and what has already been done. This way, I can space out the "upgrades" in a manner that still leaves plenty of reserves in the maintenance fund. I tallied up the maintenance expenses over the past ~2 years from the receipts: $20,000. POW!!! At least it's not my $20k, and you better believe I wasn't giving anything away during the negotiation for that money either!

Unfortunately, I don't have the alarm PIN - so if I ever lose the one fob, I'm going to need a new alarm system. Fun. Am I to assume the fob can't be cloned by GOBBLE without the PIN? I'm going to contact the original owner, and also go through the "food chain" of the service centers listed in the history. Who knows, maybe someone has it on file...

With regard to the TCU, it has already been upgraded to the 2004 version of the TCU, according to the Ferrari mechanic. So, I'm going to hold off on the CS TCU upgrade for a little while. Terry, your advice when I started looking was to DRIVE the car with the current TCU (whatever that version may be) before jumping into the upgraded TCU pool. I have to confess I'm fine with the operation for the moment. But, that can change. All I'm saying is that the TCU upgrade isn't on the "short list" right now.

Thanks again gentlemen - I always hoped I'd be able to post a thread like this one!

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Many congrats! that 360 is beautiful, please let us know your driving impressions.

like everyone said, the wait will be worth it the first time you jump in and turn the keys (if any comfort I waited THREE weeks for my F355, i didn't think i would make it lol!)

+1 for the spider

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Huge Congrats! I really hope you love it!

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You deserve it
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Congrat's Raj. A great looking 360 and Esoteric is a fantastic choice. Enjoy the ride when she gets delivered; the season is all too short in our regions.

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I'm so glad you found the right F car for you. It was truly meant to be when you consider how close to home you found this one! I cant wait to see more ptrs and your take when she finally gets home. Cheers buddy!

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I got my first Ferrari back in September ... also a 360. A Modena though, not a Spider. I put in a new exhaust (a used 430 exhaust as is close to a 360 racing style exhaust) that gives the more sound ... very happy with that. I also just completed upgrading the audio system. I think you will enjoy making the upgrades you are planning.

Nice looking car (but I am biased). Good luck and welcome to Ferrari Life.

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Congrats, it is a great looking car.

It is time to change your username to "Idrive360"
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Raj, congrats on a great first Fcar. Nice combo!
Enjoy her in good health.


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Excellent! She looks very good.


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Superrrr! Being the first is a great enjoyment! Have fun.

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