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360 Mounts Replaced, but tap/rattle sound still an enigma?

Wanted to ask the brain-tank here if anyone had thoughts on this recent issue....

Just had the Motor and Gearbox mounts replaced 1 week ago, a couple of pipe seals that were more than "weeping" oil replaced, power steering pump hoses replaced...well on my way to my "Mechanically New" goal for the year.

Prior to the work - along with the sound the car made because of the shot mounts - I had noticed a Clicking/Tapping/ Rattle sound in the Drivers Side rear wheel area. I had hoped the mounts being replaced would solve - but that did not fix it, although the difference in "tightness" and drive feel is 100% better with the new mounts.....very very noticable in all the right ways!!!

So here is a very specific rundown of the sound and when it occurs...as well as what I have tried to do to diagnose:

*I wouldnt classify it as a knock....it is much more a rattle or tapping.

* The sound does NOT occur under normal or spirited acceleration, or even when going over bumps etc....all in all, if my foot is on the gas,....it does not occur....even when upshifting.

* The sound almost ALWAYS occurs when cruising/slowing down with foot OFF the accelerator, Turning slowly...like into a neighborhood....going down hill....light brakeing etc.

Intial thoughts were Bearing / Balljoints/Bushings....

- I have removed the wheel, tried to shake and move the hub...solid as a rock.
- I have turned the wheel while in neutral with car lifted and no load on the wheel....can not duplicate sound...
- I have inspected the A-Arms, tried to move, shake every part I can touch....and cant duplicate.
- Inspected the CV Boots/Half axle shaft...no cracking or grease anywhere
- Had my wife stand beside the car while in neutral..and car on all 4 wheels....with me pushing it slowly rolling, enigne off...sound made a slight and quick tap seemingly coming from the caliper area, but after one occurance could not duplicate again

* Checked caliper for looseness....none found, HOWEVER...there was a VERY SLIGHT bit of play in the E-Brake caliper...could move it a couple of millimeters right to left - BUT STILL DID NOT DUPLICATE EXACT SOUND. Was going to attempt to tighten myself....but wanted left it alone for now until almost certain of cause.

My tech is stumped....and even said he hasnt heard this sound before, but also admitted he doesnt see a lot of 360's around here. Said it could be numerous things....but without complete hub/axle dissasembly it would be hard to pinpoint....

Has ANYONE had a like issue, but caused by something OTHER than Ball Joints/Bearings etc??? I dont want to go into "Exploratory Surgery" except as a last resort.

Also - until I see some responses from people here with more experience than myself...I dont want to give my own ideas of what I am thinking it could be.

So regardless of thoughts post them here...no matter how minor or major....thanks again!!!


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Exhaust system misaligned or a loose heat shield?

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That was certainly one of the items mentioned to me....another being that the pads are actually knocking against the caliper or rotor...?
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More possible Ideas so far:

** CV Joint is loose / needs torqued (Would there not be a way to tell if this is the case visually without removing anything other than the wheel itself?)

** Splines on axle ends / inside hub bearing are slipping/stripped (Wouldnt that mean that regardless of speed/acceleration/braking/driving period - that it would ALWAYS make the sound I am experiencing....and sound MUCH worse?)

** Even with no hands-on play or obvious failure - it IS the ball joints or hub bearing that needs replacing (Always thought if one of these parts go - it is certainly an obvious failure shown by hub movement/a-arm play etc.....)

Not sure if any of you guys talk to him personally - but I also messaged Brian - figured if anyone would have come across similar issue it would be him....but I know he is probably busy actually working on cars...
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Well....here is my update....Conversation with my tech went like this Sunday after going over the hub in detail..

Him: "Have you actually DRIVEN it since we did the mounts and all?"
Me: " You mean hard? no...temp hasnt even gotten to mid way yet really..."

Him: "Ok....go drive the hell out of it...2 things will probably happen....your rattle will go away, but there may be a squeek/rubbing sound etc start in the brakes. So go drive it, and meet me back here in a couple hours"

4 hours and some spirited driving later....brought it back - rattle was gone - squeak was there.

Him: "Jot this down as #whatever on your list of things your lady does that others may not. She drives perfect - no lights on / shifts good etc. Said it before - stop finding things to worry about. Now what about the BBQ n Beer you promised?"

This keeps coming up on mine, and other threads I guess for us noobs...that you guys have said numerous times. Heat solves a lot of issues it seems. The hotter she gets the better she drives....and the tighter everything gets.
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my car has a rattle when cold, its the right exhaust valve. Kind of embarrassing to sound like a old VW bug when its cold but within 3-5 minutes of running its gone.
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