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07 F430 Flashing Airbag Light

I am working on an F430 that had the airbags deployed. We have replaced the ECU (new), pretensioners (new), both airbags (passenger new, drivers used but has proper resistance), and Clockspring (used but good working order). The local dealer has set everything with the SD3 and it shows no errors on the scan. The airbag light is now flashing steadily and we have no idea what is causing it.

The tech called Ferrari NA and they have not heard of this problem. Their only suggestion is to go thru and check the grounds and test each component individually. I have checked the grounds and they are fine, and the harness was inspected when reinstalled and it looked fine. I have also checked the seatbelt sensor connectors for corrosion and they look fine.

Has anyone experienced a flashing airbag light? Any suggestions? Unfortunately I don't have access to any good known working parts to swap out for trouble shooting.
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Welcome to Ferrari Life. Hopefully one of our pros can chime in and help you with your problem. My first thought was SD3, but you already covered that one.

Looked at the airbag section of the workshop manual and it only mentions the light may be on all the time, or it may be on only when the car is running, but nothing about the lamp flashing.

There is a warning about making sure the arrow on the ECU faces forward, but hard to see how you could hook it up any other way.

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Thanks Taz for your welcome and response. I ahve been lurking on here for awhile and love the wealth of knowledge found here!

So far we have had no luck with anyone from Ferrari even hearing about the blinking/ flashing light.

Looking at the wiring diagram its hard to tell if the the light is controlled by the airbag ECU or the CAN bus. There is one wire that goes to the the ECU connector so I would guess its controlled by the CAN bus.

The SD3 does show the light cycling so I don't think its a problem with just the light.

I'll keep this thread updated on anything we find.
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Sixty, welcome to FerrariLife

I looks like already a lot of guys including yourself and FNA had a look to your issue. Difficult to tell what is wrong but I can confirm that the Airbag ECU is not linked to the CAN BUS. The Airbag malfunction light on the instrument panel is directly connected to the Airbag ECU at pin A10. What means that it is definitely the Airbag ECU that makes the airbag light flashing. You can easily check this with a simple V meter on pin A10. This wire should have a minimum resistance of 4.7Ohm.

Does the passenger airbag light flashes at ignition on (near the ceiling light) ? Does it goes off after a couple of seconds? Depending on the errors, only the passenger airbag light can flash but as far as I know, the malfunction airbag light never flashes but is always steady ON in case of error. Some errors trigger the malfunction light, others the passenger light. Are you sure that pin9 and pin10 on the airbag ECU have not been reversed? Pin 10-Red/Black wire goes to instrument panel airbag malfunction light while pin 9-Orange/White wire goes to the passenger airbag light. I would check the wires first and then make sure the passenger airbag off switch has not been turned off. Good luck and let us know your findings.
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Thanks Stef,

About 10 min after posting above I found the ECU pinout which has more detail than the wiring diagram.The ECU definately controls the light and is infact on pin 10 of the ECU like Stef pointed out.

I have not paid attention to the passenger light but when I cycle the passesnger airbag switch it will stop flashing for a second or two and just be solid.

I just recieved a call from our tech and he said that FNA beleives that since the ECU was replaced it needs to be programmed with the airbag serial numbers using the SD3. FNA thinks that once the diagnostic cycle is run the ECU should be fine. Originally we did not run the diagnostic cycle since it required plugging and unplugging airbags as the SD3 requires. I have everything uncovered at the moment and I will take it to the tech tomorrow or Monday to run the diagnostic cycle.

I'll keep this thread updated.

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The tech finally got it figured out. The cycle test had to be run on the system. The problem we ran into with the SD3 is that it wouldn't run the test without a seat S/N and wiring S/N which obviosly doesn't exist. After waiting two days FNA finally responded saying to input random numbers to get past that part of the screen and into the cycle test. Once the cycle test ran the light turned off and the system is good.

It is required to change the airbag ECU after any part of the system has deployed. Without an SD3, it would be impossible to get the system to reset after replacing the ECU.

Now, onto the clutch issues. If its not one thing, its another with these cars!
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I have a F430 that I need to get ready for a client.
I have installed a new ECU, safety belts, steering ring, new sensors all round, but the steering and dash airbag was fixed. everything tests fine, even when punching in the serial (random) number as required for the steering airbag. It Tells me on
02 - ECU identification and version check....... out of product?
then further on at
04 - error detection and check
01 - error detection and check result OK
- no errors result OK
then further on when running the cycle on the system the machine says the following at
05 - Airbag connectors
01 - driver airbag result NOK
02 - Passenger airbag result NOK
now my question is........ is it the repaired airbags faulty?
is the new ECU that was installed faulty?
can I please get some help with this for I have no more answers to this.....
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