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roadkill 04-25-2012 02:46 AM

Help needed - irratic fuel gauge
Hi Guys,
I am in need of help with my 2004 360 spider regarding a fuel gauge that does not proceed through the sequential order.
It has behaved like this for the 8 months that I have had the car and thought this must be some secret Ferrari code that I was not yet privy to.
When full it reads correctly but as it empties it has an erratic pattern with missing bars. It does have some sort of order to the chaos but I do not trust that it is letting me know if I am about to stop.
I recently had it serviced however the guys at the Perth Dealership ( usually very knowledgeable) do not seem to know if it is just the fuel sensor/ sender that is on the way out and needs replacing ( at about $800) or if the entire instrument cluster needs replacing ( told would be several thousand). They suggest doing the fuel sensor/sender and seeing if that works then maybe the entire cluster. The rest of the gauges seem fine and the car is otherwise running well.
Is this a common problem and does anybody know the cure?


tazandjan 04-25-2012 06:55 AM

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Randall- The fuel level indicator (3) is attached to the left hand fuel pump and is available separately for around $115. The complete pump and fuel level indicator is around $330, so I assume the rest of the $800 is labor.

The instrument cluster is easily removed, if that is the problem (sounds more like a connector or bad connection problem), and can generally be repaired for somewhere in the $500-600 dollar range by FAI. The SD2 should be able to analyze the instrument panel to a certain degree on the 360.

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