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Excelsiorz 02-11-2016 10:30 AM

Warning Ferrari Barchetta ZFFZR52B000124130 & Kristof Schoffling & Marc Pickardt
I posted this in the general discussion area but as it applies directly to a specific Ferrari 550 Barchetta I thought I'd post this information here to hopefully help and protect anyone dealing with this Barchetta. If anyone knows the person who just this past week purchased this Barchetta have them get in contact with me and I'll give them all the documents I have on the car.

Please be advised there are several individuals, specifically KRISTOF SCHÖFFLING, MARC PICKARDT and MARC SCHÖFFLING, selling Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Mercedes SLS and other high end cars, including a Ferrari 550 Barchetta, VIN number ZFFZR52B000124130, a Lamborghini Anniversary Edition, an SLS, a Lamborghini GT, etc. Cars they do not have legal rights to according to law enforcement.

These men are under criminal investigation and, it is my understanding from speaking with the investigating officer, they are presently sought by the police for their illegal car dealings.

The police also tell me they are searching for a dozen or so exotic cars said to be in the possession of Pickardt and Schoffling.

Their activities have been described to me as that of a “crime ring” while legitimate exotic car dealers describe them as “criminals.”

Not only did Schoffling and Pickardt claim, in writing, they were the owners of the Barchetta, but the documents they eventually provided showed they were not the owners and even indicated their efforts to create false papers.

During this same time they provided another potential buyer contradictory and apparently fraudulent ownership papers for this Barchetta. (I have copies of all these documents and emails.)

If anyone knows who purchased the 550 Barchetta ZFFZR52B000124130 have them contact me and I’ll share these documents with them, as well as the other serious issues with this Barchetta.

Kristof Schoffling, Marc Pickardt and Marc Schoffling are all in their 20s.
Marc Pickardt also uses the false name “Sean Uncle” and an email address of [email protected]

You can read the news stories about Kristof Scoffling and Marc Schöffling and how they are being sought by the police here:

Kuriose Suche nach 15 Sportwagen - Oeffentlicher Anzeiger Bad Kreuznach - Rhein-Zeitung

Kirn: Luxuskarossen des insolventen Autohauses sind verschwunden - Nahe-Zeitung - Rhein-Zeitung

If you were a victim of Pickardt or Schoffling or if you have any information on the whereabouts of Kristof Schoffling or Marc Pickardt please contact the investigating officer:

Carsten Buchsteiner, KOK
Kriminaldirektion Mainz
Zentrale Kriminalinspektion
K14- Wirtschaftskriminalität
Valenciaplatz 2
55118 Mainz
Telefon: 06131- 65 39 08
Telefax: 06131- 65 39 19
[email protected]

Kristof Schoffling and Marc Pickardt are both from Germany, although apparently Kristof is hiding from the German police by living in Monaco. He presented a Carte de Resident ID for Monaco. Pickardt apparently lives in Neuwied Germany but he presented a UK driving license and with an address in London, where he may also be residing.

Unaware of the foregoing, a contract to purchase the Barchetta was negotiated. But when it was eventually discovered Pickardt and Scoffling didn’t seem to actually own the Ferrari, I looked into the matter further and was contacted by victims of their alleged fraud. They referred me to news reports of Kristoff Schoffling and his partners having disappeared along with 15 exotic cars and substantial sums of money. I was told the police were looking for these men and these cars.

I then spoken to criminal investigators in Mainz, Germany and they indicated to me this crime ring involves fraudulent sales of exotic vehicles in the millions of Euros.

Regarding the Barchetta, Kristoff Schöffling said he and Marc Pickardt were partners. Schoffling negotiated an agreement for the sale of the Ferrari. Then Schoffling claimed Pickardt was the owner of the Barchetta. Yet all along Schoffling stated he and Pickardt were “partners.” Pickardt also stated he and Schoffling were “partners.” Schoffling used this claim that he was not the owner, that Pickardt was the owner, to wiggle out of the agreement to sell the Barchetta for the agreed price.

I then had a phone conversation with Marc Pickardt on Saturday, January 9, 2016. I explained that his Partner had already agreed to a price and that price was reflected in a long history of emails. Pickardt said he would honor the sale price that had been clearly agreed to in emails with Kristof if I would wire him a substantial deposit. I stated once our understanding was memorialized in a written contract I would send the deposit.
Immediately following the conversation I emailed Pickardt the Contract, putting in writing the price for the Barchetta we had just agreed to. Minutes later Pickardt responded by email confirming the Agreement. We used the Contract form originally sent to my by Kristof, so it was actually their contract language with just the agreed on price inserted.
It was Saturday afternoon. Pickardt wanted me to wire him a substantial sum of money immediately. Within minutes of Pickardt confirming the Agreement I did in fact go to the bank and put in the order for the bank wire. When I returned from the bank I emailed Pickardt and confirmed that the order for the wire was placed with the bank. I advised Pickardt of the obvious, namely as it was Saturday and wires were not processed on Saturdays so the wire would not go out until Monday morning when the bank and Federal Reserve were open.

Pickardt responded by saying the deal was off because the money was not on its way immediately. I told him that made no sense, as I did not control the Federal Reserve or the banking industry. Wires are not processed on Saturdays. I also reminded him we had a written contract.

This rash and illogical behavior makes sense in light of the fact that, during this time I asked Kristof Scoffling and Marc Pickardt to provide proof ownership papers for the Barchetta and I apparently discovered their fraud and criminal activities.

Schoffling and Pickardt sent me a document that showed a bill of sale from a “Rent A Car” company in Spain to a company in Dubai.

Schoffling and Pickardt then sent me a document for the Dubai company showing the shareholder to be Claudio Petronici. There was no mention of Schoffling or Pickard on these ownership papers.

I Googled ONLY BRANDS FZE and found the company to be (apparently) just a shell with no real offices anywhere that I could find.

I then Googled Claudio Petronici and made an interesting discovery.
“The company Acs, with license revoked by the Government , was owned by Claudio Petronici, President of the San Marino Calcio, before the resignation. 'Four hundred million Euros in false invoices resulting in VAT evasion of about 80 million, 34 suspects, seized more than 53 properties to luxury cars and substantial financial resources is the outcome of an operation on a' carousel fraud 'led by guard finance of Naples and Salerno that has affected various localities of Campania, Lazio, Piedmont and Basilicata, through traders San Marino.”

Apparently Pickardt and Schoffling breached the contract for the sale of the Barchetta once I discovered all this information about Pickardt and Schoffling’s illegal dealings.

When I spoke to the investigating officer he stated he believes I would have lost this money if I had sent it to Pickardt and Schoffling. According to Investigators, Schoffling and his partners (e.g., Marc Pickardt) were selling cars they did not own or have the legal rights to.

They warned that these cars could be confiscated from people even after they paid Pickardt and Schoffling and took physical possession of the cars, including the Barchetta.

Hopefully this post will help save people from being ripped of by Kristoff Schoffling and Marc Pickardt and their cohorts.

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