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cjb007 01-17-2015 06:47 PM

Replacement wheels for 456
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I know there's been a few threads about putting aftermarket wheels on the 456, and Novitec seem to be amongst the favorites.

I looked at upgrading mine about a year ago, and almost went for a set of Novitec NF2s but found that getting tyres was near impossible. At the time, the supplier told me that he thought there would be new tyres manufactured in 2014, but when I recently contacted them, they all said no, discontinued as far as they were concerned.

I have now started to look for alternative wheels, and actually quite like the look of the 430 wheels. The bolt pattern is the same and tyres should be more readily available.

The front wheels are 7.5"J x 19 ET 31.5 mm, while the rears are 10"J x 19 ET 39 mm.

The original 456 front wheels are 8.5"J x 17 ET 50 mm, while the rears are 10"J x 17 24.6 mm.

Three questions; am I right in calculating that the above change will basically mean that, without spacers, the front wheel projects 0.22" further out than previously, and the rears are about 0.56" further in?

Does this mean I simply add spacers of 0.56" to regain the original rear track?

Finally, bearing in mind the reduced width of the front wheel, being 12% narrower, would I be significantly affecting the available grip at the car at the front, or would it not make any difference unless I was really driving it to within 12% of it's absolute limit?

I'd very much appreciate any guidance you can all give!

tazandjan 01-17-2015 09:21 PM

Answer on the other site. If you still decide to go ahead, not recommended, I will tell you how to crunch the numbers on the F430 wheels.

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