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550 exhaust

Anyone have thoughts/preference on straight center pipes versus the "X" pipe center section available? I'm aware of the considerable restriction present with the factory mid-muffler/resonator...

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David, I've had both on my 550 with Mille Miglia rear cans.

The straight pipes were extremely loud and produced a drone through much of the RPM range that drove me nuts, plus I just didn't care for the sound of the exhaust. The note of the V12 when each bank was running through its own separate exhaust just wasn't pleasing to my ears.

The X pipe is quieter, doesn't produce the drone, and it obviously blends the two banks together, so there's a combined V12 note coming out of each side of the exhaust, instead of the engine sounding like 2 separate six cylinders running out of phase.

The straight pipes purportedly produce more power than the X, and it stands to reason, because as loud as they were, they must also be less restrictive.

My good friend Dave Burch has straight midpipes on his 550, with stock rear cans and he likes it, and having ridden in his car, I must say his configuration does sound fine and doesn't produce a drone, and isn't objectionably loud.

So the combination of the rear mufflers and the midpipes have to be evaluated together rather than in isolation.

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Understood...Currently the car in question has the the OE center resonator and the Tubi Comp mufflers. At low speeds and under steady throttle conditions, there is a mildly annoying drone. Otherwise, the sound level is acceptable. As I really have no interest in making the car any louder than it needs to be, I suspect that the X pipe solution might be a better choice in terms of overall performance and acceptable noise levels.

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David- The straight pipes, fitted by the factory in Summer 03 at Assembly Number 51797 for 575Ms, have been proven in direct comparisons on dynos to produce more hp and torque than X-pipes. Not that much difference, however, and some prefer the sound of the X-pipes. Not me, with straight pipes and HGTC rear exhaust. Early Tubis (no 575 on cans) and straight pipes are too loud, and so are many aftermarket exhausts without valves.

Everybody's tastes in exhausts are different. My favorite are valved Kreissiegs for aftermarket, which give a very high pitched sound in Maranellos. Capristos have a deeper sound, my Novitecs were very loud (now on a 550 and he loves them, too loud for me). Like John said, just replacing the center muffler/resonator/cork with straight pipes and stock rear mufflers sounds really good on 550s or early 575s.

Larini, X-OST, etc also sound good and are not as expensive. So many choices, hard to know what any one person will love.

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You may also consider either :

The Larini 550 Club Sport Center Section (X-Pipe)
- or -
The Larini Sport Center Section (H-Pipe w/ Resonator)

From our experience owners that are looking for the louder, higher pitched, more exotic, perhaps race like sound prefer the Larini X-Pipe (Club Sport).

The Sport H-Pipe design still allows balancing of the left and right banks and also has small resonators that really helps to reduce the resonation or drone that can happen with straight pipes. It's an overall deeper sound and not quite as nasty as the X-Pipe, more of a gentlemans exhaust if you will.

Here are pictures of both designs for comparison!

You can see product details and pricing at : www.lariniusa.com/ferrari_550.html

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Best Regards,
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