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Conversation Between StefVan and david221049
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  1. StefVan
    12-26-2014 01:47 PM - permalink
    Hi David,
    Thanks for your nice message. I remember very well the posts where some thought the washers were meant to be installed between the plate and the cross member. I'm not convinced that would help eliminating any rattle from the Capristo brackets. Mine are installed since several years in the normal way, right behind the large nut in front of the plate. I never had any issues with such installation. Maybe the origin of the rattles comes from elsewhere. The first thing I would check are the exhaust headers. On the F430, it happens quite often that the nuts gets loose, especially the one of cylinder 8. On some cars, this stud even broke off. Try to locate where the rattle is exactly located, maybe with the help of someone revving the engine at 3000rpm.

    All the best,
  2. david221049
    12-25-2014 11:22 AM - permalink
    Dear StefVan

    Good evening. I have found your posts to be immensely helpful and informative.
    I have been trying to cure a rattly exhaust resonance on my F430. Tailpipes have been changed yet a 3000/4000 RPM rasp persists.
    I have purchased the Capristo brackets and I would like for my own benefit as much as anything to find out if the original silencer is giving rise to this noise or not. If fitting these brackets makes no difference and I still hear the noise I will fit the Capristo twin sound silencer as well.
    My question relates to fitting the brackets as I am sure I remember a post saying that the large washers supplied should be fitted as spacers between the face of the bracket and the cross member.....not as all the photos I have seen where they are fitted as a conventional washer behind the head of the bolt. The Capristo website is not at all clear in this respect. I would be pleased to hear your opinion here as to the way round to fit these washers.
    Kind regards,
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