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Conversation Between Bluebottle and learjet60pilot
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  1. Bluebottle
    10-04-2016 06:30 AM - permalink
    Hi and thanks for your message. Sorry I haven't replied but I have only just seen it. I am afraid that what I know about 430s can be written on the back of the proverbial postage stamp, so all I can suggest is you post in the "Modern V8s" section and I am sure you will soon hear from fellow 430 owners (especially if you put up a few photos of your new acquisition). Good luck and enjoy Ferrari ownership - it's unlike anything else!
  2. learjet60pilot
    08-30-2016 07:23 PM - permalink
    Hello Blue Bottle.... Just bought my First Ferrari about 30min ago!! still doing backflips... Ron Tonkin in Portland OR, 07-F430. I live In OR, and been looking all over.. but seen nothing on the west coast... Till NOW!! Not optioned all that well but 6600miles.. Take delivery mid next week as I live in southern Oregon but (I'm a pilot) and out flying a trip.. So Any suggestions as to getting connected with others on here with f430 for questions I might have. I'm new and haven't been able to navigate this site all to well. Any other concerns I should be looking for after it arrives. I have posted a couple things on here and have private mess a few trying to get PPI help.. didn't get any help but now After the fact LOL.... I'm looking for any advice for a new owner and green Ferrari guy in owning a f430.. You seem to be the most knowledgeable guy on here!

    Thanks BB
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