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Hello everyone. I have been reading the forum for a while now and registered a couple days ago. I do not own a ferrari, never even been in one. I am considering purchasing a 355 or 348 now. While not poor, this is not a casual decision. Currently, drive carrera S cab which I have only been able to afford after 20 years of work! While the porsche has been an everyday car, I would not be using the ferrari in that manner. I have only begun to think the ferrari is possible, because we now have 3 cars and the porsche is not being driven daily. My hesitancy about owning a ferrari is about the high maintenance factor. I believe my porsche will run with the ferrari's I am looking at but after 15000 miles I have not done anything but change oils. Why can't ferrari have that kind of build quality? They look great and sound great, but what is it about them that makes them unreliable?

Also what insurance companies will insure a ferrari. AIG my current insurer wont

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Ciao and welcome

Originally Posted by agc View Post
Hello everyone. Why can't ferrari have that kind of build quality? They look great and sound great, but what is it about them that makes them unreliable?
Hello and welcome this is a terrific site with a lot of info that you will need to make a proper decision.
Answer to your question, it's not that they are unreliable it's that the owners are fanatical meaning that they usually go the extra mile to protect there dream, like getting the major completed more frequently then necessary.
Like you I also own a Porsche cabriolet and it is very reliable but if you do some research on some Porsche forums you will see nothing but troubled stories as well. That's what you usually will read on these forums they are here to help people like you and me out in a crisis situation and they usually solve or have the solution to most problems.
That is why they seem to be unreliable but they are just like any other car something will go wrong at one point in time but if you are diligent in maintenance your % of something going wrong is greatly reduced. There is also the higher cost of owning a Ferrari but that comes with the territory like owning your car for instance I'm sure you realize that if something major went on your Porsche it will cost a bit more than your average car but that didn't stop you from buying one and taking the risk.
Remember nothing is a guarantee as they say if owning a Ferrari is going to break you than don't buy a Ferrari but if you are a true car fanatic like most of us here than you will take the plunge.
They say Mercedes is known for luxury Porsche is known for engineering and Ferrari for the passion,
question is do you have passion?

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Thanks for the response. Had my first opportunity to drive a 355 and 360 yesterday. The experience was exhilerating! I thought the handling in my 911 was excellent but 360 was better. The 355 was not the best cared for vehicle and that was disappointing. Shift from 1st to 2nd was difficult. Seemed like the engine need to be kept wound up to come close to the 360 performance. Engine sound for both was awesome. The purchase of these cars is really a passionate choice. As the 355 is more my price range at this point, I will be driving a few to see how they differ from the one I drove yesterday.
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Hi & welcome to the forum.
I can't speak for others, but like you the horror stories of high maintenance costs for Ferrari's scared me off for a long while. So far after 2 years of ownership I can honestly say I have not had to spend anything other than on general servicing which does cost a bit more than your average car, but then there's nothing average about driving a Ferrari.
1st to 2nd gear changes are hard in all Ferrari's until the gearbox oil has warmed up. After 10 mins it's OK. From cold I just go from 1st to 3rd, the V8's got plenty of pull at low speed and low revs.
Don't be put off by old wives tales about reliability. If you buy a well cared for and properly maintained car you should have years of enjoyment from a Ferrari. Whilst you can never guarantee they won't go wrong, you can't with any other car either, and there are lots of good independent specialists who won't charge you an arm and a leg to fix it.
This forum is full of great tips and the guys on here are the most knowledgable and freindly bunch on the web. Join in, have some fun with us and follow your dream, get a Ferrari

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