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The importance of a college education, overrated?

Granted if you want to become a Doctor, Lawyer or something that requires a certain level of education it is undoubtedly a necessity for your career, but what about for others?

This is my situation;
Long story short, I thought I was going into a course I wanted to do (business), it wasn't. I did however enjoy one module Business Information Systems.
I failed 3 exams because I was planning on dropping out (but my parents hated the idea) and so i stayed put but had little to no interest in other modules, so I did not put much/any effort into the continuous assessment and as a result I have to repeat. Despite doing quite well in the exams. I know, it's entirely my fault.

I enjoy the field of IS, IT, software development, my main aspiration is to work for myself/own my own company in the future and that is what I am ultimately working towards.
I also have other unrelated interests in mens style, fashion, jewellery design and silversmithing.

I may very well go back to college in a couple of years, but between now and then I want to develop my programming skill set, learn simple stuff like web development, html, working on app development, working towards my certificates in both programming and BIS, I want to apply for jobs (contractual stuff, projects not so much indefinite work) work towards areas such as blockchain, AI, do some of the simpler stuff too so I can progress from my part time job into full time 'tech work', I want to work to raise capital and learn about the market, see an area I could improve, not necessarily innovate a new field but to make peoples lives a little easier, fixing something and work alongside my job to ultimately build a business from it.

I'm kind of treating it as a skill to learn more so than a college education, work and learn rather than theoretical knowledge, do some work for free of charge (update websites etc) just to have on my cv/portfolio and so I can learn as I go.
I see software development more as a skill, like how a carpenter or plumber knows his craft.. (if that makes sense), I also want to get involved more with night classes, part time, or maybe diploma.. I might work towards a degree in software dev or CS (again, possibly IS) in the future so I can get into post grad and learn more about a specific niche.

But at the moment I hate college, I've enjoyed a year of going out and partying but ultimately it left me feeling like a waster, I just want to do something productive and I don't feel like I am learning (with the exception of IS) in college.

I've decided to ask here because I assume you must have done something right to get to where you are, and while I'm sure a large portion of you have gone to college, probably even post grad, I am asking to gain some outsiders insight.
My parents want a college education under me regardless, I am 20 years old and I still hear the 'well we want to you have a degree so that's final).
I see the world from a very different perspective than them and I don't value education the same way they do, especially in regards to the fields I am interested in I believe a strong portfolio along with relevant certs will be just as if not more advantageous to me.
I imagine not having a degree would hurt my prospects for managerial positions down the line but by then i would have hoped to have gone out on my own and built something I believed in, worked for myself and not have spent too long working for others.
On top of that, I believe in my own abilities, I know I am not going to be the most sought after employee, I probably would not employ myself because I'd always have one eye on the door, I am looking for somewhere to start, something to build, and to be quite frank I don't want to own a Ferrari by way of hard budgeting and sacrifice (in the way someone on a consistent wage would) I want to be able to buy one as a result of my success but even then it is not a goal of mine, I love cars, I find them very interesting and I have to stop and stare if I see or hear something that just outright sounds fast.. but I am getting off topic.

Any advice? I know it's all up in the air so thank you for getting this far!
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