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Modeeeena? Mah-dinna? Modena?

Hi all,

So, I'm not sure if I'm in a huge minority here, but I'm not a lifelong Ferrari fan and to be honest, hadn't really been dreaming of owning a Ferrari prior to buying it. I ended up with my 2000 360 F1 because it was the car that seemed to fit what I was looking for. Thatís a good thing and so far, itís delivered far more than I expected!

To expand:

I had an NSX and an Elise. Both were great cars and I had a very happy ownership experience with both.

I was using the NSX as a weekend car and using the Elise to commute in (about 80 miles round trip per day). It got a little weird in the winter, but it worked for me:

Since the kids are starting to go to school, I thought it would be a good idea to get myself a car with a backseat. So I decided I'd part with one of the two-seaters and get a car with a back seat. Since I couldn't decide which one had to go, I thought I'd just dump them both and pool both resources into 1 sports car.

That's where it gets complicated.

For me, Rear mid mounted is the only drivetrain that will work. That really limits the options.

And since I already had the Elise and the NSX, I wanted to try something fresh.

So, I made a list of the cars in my price range:

Lotus Esprit V8 (transmission is made of glass)
Lotus Evora (Cool, but really just an NSX with an optional backseat)
Ford GT (WAY outside my price range)
Ferrari 355 (I like to run up the miles; might be an issue with maint.)
Ferrari 360 (Prices are all over the place, value will plumet if I buy a low mileage one)

It was only after meeting and talking with some Ferrari owners at our local Cars and Coffee meets that the 360 was suggested. I test drove both the gated manual and the F1 and decided that it didn't really matter that much to me which to go with. I like that the F1 can be converted to manual without an insane amount of work if I change my mind down the road.

So, I started looking for a 360 and called up a friend who would list both of my cars on commission at his dealership. As it turns out, he had a 360 that he was looking to unload.

And there you have it!

In the end, it came down to the Evora vs. 360. The 360 ended up winning because of the engine. There's nothing like a V8. The Lotus is super cool and probably super reliable, but it's powered by a V6, and in the end, I would have rather kept the NSX (V6) than trading it on the Evora (V6 but not as cool). But, the V8 in the Ferrari sealed the deal. A while back I had an E46 M3 that I thought was the best sounding car I'd ever heard, but this Ferrari puts it to shame.

So, a little about my 360:

It has a tad over 30K on the clocks and is in overall pretty good shape. It has the Challenge style 18" wheels as well as the Power Daytona seats. Also, the previous owner installed a Fuchs Exhaust on it; so it sounds pretty awesome.

Things to fix:

Oil drip when hot. (I think Valve cover gaskets, but not sure yet, maybe Heat exchanger? Could be anything at this point)
Radio doesn't work (Kinda don't care, but I'm going to install the Clarion with the slide out screen)
Suspension warning light when driving (probably the center sensor - dunno yet)
Sometimes misses 2nd gear when shifting up when itís cold (32F or less) out (F1 pump or low hyd. fluid? Maybe needs a clutch?)
Tires are complete Crap (Generals. Do I need to say more?)

So far, I've put about 2000 miles on it and it's held up as well as I can expect for a 14 year old car with a questionable maintenance history. Next month, I'll tear it all apart and we'll see what's going on in there.

Anyways, glad to be here! I hope I can contribute to the forum as much as I've already learned from the lurking!
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Welcome Mark and congrats. I think you're going to really like the 360, mine just seems to get better with age and miles. You're a brave man for taking a car with no history and a list of issues. I hope you get them sorted with minimal effort and expense.

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Welcome, one hell of an introduction, very well written. This forum has more information and a broader knowledge base than any other I have found. Please keep us posted with updates about your car. You may find that while you are having "X" fixed, that would be a great opportunity to have "Y" serviced / changed to avoid unnecessary costs in the future.
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Thanks, guys! Taking apart the car and getting to know what it's made of is, to me, as much fun as driving it. As it gets spread all over the garage, I'll be sure to post pics. From first impressions, though, the engine bay looks really well laid out and stuff seems to be pretty easy to get to. It's a bummer that for the real fun stuff, you need an SD2/3 tool, though.
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